• Nov 30, 2012
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Flipkart.com is among the hottest Indian start-ups of the decade. Started by two IIT graduates in 2007 Flipkart is an online bookstore with an impressive collection of books. They also sell mobiles, CDs, Music, and gadgets. With ambitious growth plans and having raised 70 crores through venture capital, they are charting their course towards making history.

With over 11.5 million book titles, 11 different categories, more than 2 million registered users and sale of 30000 items a day, Flipkart is one of the leading e-commerce players in the country.


Colocation services from Netmagic turbocharge Flipkart’s business growth plans. Flipkart had hosted their website with a datacenter provider based in Canada and US and their visitors faced high latency. As the company grew with most of its customers based out of India, the situation grew more prominent. Consequently, Flipkart decided to avail the services of a managed IT hosting service provider based out of India who could support its ambitious growth plans and the demands of an increasing customer base. Did they find an alternative?

Business Case

As it diversified from being just an online book store to selling other merchandise online, Flipkart felt the need for a highly available and an ‘always on’ IT infrastructure to support its growing business demands. Flipkart had hosted their website initially with a datacenter based in Canada and US. But, as the bulk of its customer base was from India, the latencies were very high affecting the customer experience for visitors on their website. In order to support its growth plans and a growing customer base (mainly from India),Flipkart realized that they needed a managed IT hosting service provider based out of India who could support their growth plans.


Netmagic Solutions provided Flipkart with a bundled service package that included:


Solution Snapshot:

  • More than 110 dedicated servers with firewall and switches in Netmagic’s datacenter
  • Colocation Services
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services to secure any loopholes in its website which may make it vulnerable to hacking and breach of security
  • 24x7x365 network monitoring and support

Key Benefits

By choosing Netmagic Solutions as managed IT hosting services partner, Flipkart realized the following business benefits:


  • High availability of IT infrastructure and99.99% uptime of their e-commerce portal that ensures a consistent customer experience
  • Round the clock support, maintenance and technical expertise ensures faster turnaround times (TAT) and improved performance levels
  • A robust and a scalable IT infrastructure helps support Flipkart's expansion and growth plans
  • Reduced TCO as a result of better resource utilization and amortization of hardware costs over 3 years
  • Enhanced portal security through VAPT services secured any loopholes that could make the portal vulnerable to security threats
  • Flipkart could focus on its strategic business initiatives and explore new avenues for further growth and expansion

Business Challenge

Flipkart.com had transitioned from being a start-up selling books online to a full-fledged brand to reckon with. They had a growing customer base (mainly from India), ambitious growth plans and the required funding to fuel their growth to the next level. The unprecedented growth brought with it the challenge of having a robust, scalable and a highly available infrastructure to support a rapidly growing customer base. As a result, Flipkart invested heavily in technology to meet growing business needs.

Value Proposition

After evaluation, Flipkart decided to partner with Netmagic Solutions for their managed hosting services.

"We were growing very fast. We wanted a provider who had the technology spark to support our growth. We found that spark in Netmagic Solutions and so we chose them," says Amod Malviya, SVP & Head - Engineering, Flipkart.com

He further adds, "Amazing turnaround time was another reason we chose Netmagic. The team from Netmagic understood our requests and could relate to what we required for enabling the pace at which our business was growing. Technology is at the core of our business and we have invested heavily in technology.Our technical experts were interacting directly with the team at Netmagic. We could feel the difference - the expertise that Netmagic brought to the table was exemplary, we were speaking with engineers and not just sales people. Both our teams brainstormed on what was required. The kind of inputs that we received from Netmagic Solutions allowed us to deliberate the requirements and come up with the best possible solution."


Flipkart has taken up more than 110 dedicated servers with firewalls and switches in Netmagic’s datacenter. Although Flipkart manages the IT infrastructure internally, the support and maintenance is taken care of by Netmagic. Flipkart also avails Netmagic’s VAPT services to secure any loopholes in their website which may make the portal vulnerable to security threats.


"We started with managed hosting services from Netmagic. As we grew, Netmagic enabled our growth by shifting us from managed hosting to colocation plus bandwidth based solutions. The turnaround time (TAT) was awesome and the sheer smoothness with which the whole process was managed was very heartening for us. Netmagic made the transition from managed hosting to colocation seamlessly without any downtime or disruption in business operations," says Amod Malviya, SVP & Head - Engineering, Flipkart.com

Key Takeaways

Netmagic worked in close coordination with Flipkart providing them round the clock support and speedy resolution of issues. Netmagic also advised Flipkart on how they can optimize their IT infrastructure to support their fast-paced growth plan. The association with Netmagic Solutions has also helped Flipkart reduce its total cost of operation (TCO) by amortizing the hardware costs over a period of three years.


Today, Flipkart is extremely satisfied with Netmagic’s services and plans to take up additional space across Netmagic’s datacenters. They are looking at about 100 more servers in the Chennai datacenter to ensure business continuity for their operations. In the event of disaster, either one datacenter can act as a backup (DR) site for the other. The association with Netmagic has helped them focus on their business expansion plans. Their IT infrastructure is now in trusted hands of the experts at Netmagic Solutions.


Says Amod Malviya, SVP & Head - Engineering, Flipkart.com, "We started with 80% confidence in Netmagic Solutions to being unpaid brand ambassadors for the company. I would definitely recommend Netmagic Solutions to any organization that has ambitious growth plans like Flipkart."

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