• May 29, 2014
Foreseegame.Com is a unique gaming portal based primarily on prediction and an innovative digital media platform for consumer engagement. is owned by Microsec Technologies Limited and was launched in March 2013.


Users can predict the winner of their favorite cricket match, or the price of their favorite stock, winner of their favorite TV reality show, etc. They get a wide array of games distributed within various categories ranging from sports to reality shows, award functions to financial markets, weather to politics and current affairs, and get a chance to win range of prizes in the form of cash, discount voucher, gift hampers, entry passes for entertainments shows and award functions, etc. Bets Business Growth on Netmagic's Virtual Data Center Infrastructure

Technology Runs Business At Foreseegame.Com

IT that runs the gaming applications, the rewards and referral programs as well as the website at, is at the heart of the company. The IT team develops all applications internally, that forms the backbone of all the services offered to end-users. The team comprises of project managers, web developers, web designers - primarily on Microsoft technologies– and quality testers who manage the gaming portal and the mobile version.


On the infrastructure side, hosts their servers - dedicated and cloud servers for the website and mobile site using load balancers. "There are some more servers that run specialized services for us - specifically for the Wall concept - one for media data such as smooth streaming videos, images, etc., one to run the Website (eWall), and third for WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) services"claims Suparno Kumar Dasgupta, Chief Technology Officer at


"From an architecture perspective, we are running a hybrid structure - a combination of dedicated servers that gives us performance and high availability, and cloud servers that gives us scalability," explains Lokesh Khaitan, Associate Vice President - IT at


"Going a little deeper, our database servers are dedicated so as to derive maximum performance, and all the applications are hosted on cloud servers that gives us ample scalability," adds Suparno Dasgupta.

Addressing Infrastructure Challenges

Over 200,000 users come to the gaming site to play games on a daily basis. The need is basically to have infrastructure that can ensure high performance during peak traffic, incredible user experience, scalable and reliable network infrastructure that runs the Website and Mobile versions.


"The most important factor for a Web business to succeed is the uptime of the Website. We wanted our Web infrastructure to be supported 24x7 and highly reliable with guaranteed 99.9% uptime," claims Suparno Dasgupta. "High performance and scalability are the next ask we thought was important for the business," he adds.

The need for experts to run a state-of-the-art data center that would ensure user experience, reliable and robust backend infrastructure, and high levels of performance and availability at optimized cost was imminent for


In short, need and challenges facing are:

  • Design, implement and maintain robust infrastructure that can ensure high performance during peak traffic, incredible user experience, scalable and reliable network infrastructure that runs the Website and Mobile versions
  • During times when the portal run campaigns, the number of users logging into the portal are huge – there was a need to build capability to quickly ramp up compute infrastructure to ensure optimum performance
  • Web infrastructure had to be supported 24x7 and highly reliable with guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • High performance and scalability of the infrastructure was very critical the business
  • Need for dedicated staff for running a 24x7 infrastructure was a challenge for the company
  • The cost of running a data center with the availability and performance requirement the business demands would be very high - there was an eminent need to optimize the cost and still have a robust, resilient and state-of-the-art infrastructure


What Solution Suited The Purpose?

IT team at led by Suparno Dasgupta, Chief Technology Officer decided to host their data center with a third-party service provider. This would help them optimize their cost of building the IT infrastructure that would run their business as well as buy expertise to run the DC.


The team, after rigorous evaluation and site visits, chose Netmagic’s Noida Data Center facility to host their infrastructure.


Netmagic's team of experts offered, implemented, and managed (continue to manage) the following for


  • Host hybrid cloud architecture that would run the gaming portal and all applications - servers that run the Website and Mobile version connected to a load balancer to ensure that performance is optimized
  • Servers are virtualized and on a cloud model so that the IT team can add virtual machines (VMs) to aid their scalability need during peak traffic
  • Another 3 servers that run storage of media resources, services and run the eWall concept are hosted on a cloud model
  • Dedicated servers to run the database - a primary database server and a secondary one to cater to backup of the database – that act as the disaster recovery server for the main database server
  • Entire IT infrastructure is supported by Netmagic’s 24x7 Infrastructure monitoring and management solution
  • All server and network management are mapped to SLA based monitoring which helps ensure high availability and uptime – 99.95%
  • Alert management system for timely reporting of issues


By March of 2013 the entire infrastructure setup was completed and the gaming portal was launched.

"Today we run a robust IT infrastructure with Netmagic as a strong partner and 99.95% uptime. Our infrastructure that runs the website and all allied services and databases are highly available and scalable, and managed by Netmagic," claims Suparno Dasgupta.


Now, plans on hosting their DR site also with the same partner, Netmagic, at a different location. "Now we are looking into security aspects and DR setup with Netmagic," adds Suparno Dasgupta.

Solution Snapshot

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Bulk Mailing
  • Shared Linux mailing solutions
  • InfraManage services for OS and DB


Why Did Foreseegame.Com Close On Netmagic To Become Their Technology Partner?

"One of the key reasons for choosing Netmagic as our Infrastructure Evolution Partner was that most renowned eCommerce websites are hosted there to start with. Added advantage is that all our requirements from server hosting to cloud services, monitoring and management are all catered to by one single partner," explains Lokesh Khaitan.


"Technical knowledge on how to run a data center was the key reason of us to choose Netmagic. Processes for seamless monitoring, implementation and configuration of hosted infrastructure and the security process at Netmagic was very impressive and as per our needs," says Suparno Dasgupta.


Netmagic has been able to address their concerns around speed and reliability of Website - help address page loading concerns that in turn enhances user experience for the business.


"From new technologies to any specific needs we have, they have always been forthcoming and have helped us to implement it," exclaims Lokesh Khaitan.


"Netmagic is a great partner to have. Their communication processes are very effective, response to concerns and issues are quick, and are very committed to what they do," claims Suparno Dasgupta.

In Conclusion

Experiential online gaming is only going to gather more momentum. has forged a strong partnership with Netmagic that helps them scale their infrastructure based on business needs and are now on the path of rapid growth.

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