How AU Bank stays future-ready through intelligent data center, network & managed services.

  • Dec 16, 2021
  • 2 min read
How AU Bank stays future-ready through intelligent data center, network & managed services.

For nearly two decades AU functioned as an NBFC that provided secured funding to customers largely in the vehicle loan, business loan and housing loan segments while organically expanding their geographical reach.

After receiving an in-principle banking license in 2015 and transforming into AU Small Finance Bank, they needed to expand their data center and network infrastructure in a manner that would keep pace with the exponentially higher business velocity expected in 2017 once the bank commenced retail operations at a nationwide scale.

AU Bank selected NTT as the partner that would help them achieve this vision – to create a data center and network landscape that was resilient from the ground up as well as secure by design.

Delivering a future-ready landscape that’s built to the highest levels of availability, security and performance – while simultaneously maintaining cost efficiency.

AU Bank’s primary goal was to bring secured financial loan products to India’s underserved consumer segments.

As a new entrant in this extremely competitive space, they needed to work with a partner that had the skills and expertise to deliver world-class data center, network, disaster recovery and managed services to help AU Bank to achieve this goal.

It’s critical for a bank to meet near-zero downtime requirements, and to achieve this a partner would need not just a pan-India data center and network presence, but the requisite skills and expertise required to create and manage a disaster recovery plan with stringent & RPO requirements.

Finally, AU needed a partner that could provide platform-delivered managed services, and had experience in managing mission-critical systems for clients in the financial sector.

Key outcomes for AU Bank include:

  • Scalability: A multi-location data center environment that can scale in step with a rapidly growing business.
  • Agility & velocity: A critical consideration for AU Bank is being early to market with new and innovative products and NTT is the ideal partner to enable this goal through efficient management of a diverse IT landscape.
  • Resiliency: Essential to the bank’s operation is the uninterrupted availability, performance and security of critical systems. NTT’s DR solution ensures that all systems are available to users and end-consumers without interruption.
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