Hungama Digital Media

  • Nov 30, 2020
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Hungama Digital Media
Customer profile
Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. began its journey as an online promotion’s agency during the internet boom in 1999. It is now a complete Digital Entertainment, Mobile services, and Promo Marketing company, showing its might in the mobile, digital and activation fields by bringing to the forefront creativity and leadership like no other. Over the years we have reinforced our positions in all three fields.
Today Hungama Digital Media Mobile is the leader in the Mobile Entertainment and Value Added Services (VAS) in India; Hungama Digital Media Digital is the premier digital agency in South Asia; Hungama Digital Media Promo Marketing has created some of the most memorable event properties in the country. The company has won over 30 domestic and international awards, in various categories, for all three verticals View more at:
Hungama Digital Media ’s infrastructure was hosted across multiple datacentres – and was becoming challenging to add new workloads and services, without worrying about performance and downtime.
As a leading media platform Hungama Digital Media generates large amounts of data each day but lacked the compute resources and analytics capabilities to derive insights from the data. 
Compute and Data sources were scattered across on-prem and other cloud providers, so the first task was to unify everything in one platform and then eventually shift to cloud native.

The Solution
NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India, provided in-depth cloud expertise to Hungama Digital Media during the migration process. The team took a holistic approach to cloud migration by reviewing what legacy applications to migrate or modernize.

A detailed migration project plan was created for all services – NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India, first created a Bubble-setup – especially for the most critical  applications, so that the performance and fine tuning can be done before decommissioning the instance/server.
NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India, used Migrate for Compute Engine (formerly Velostrata) to move the legacy applications from the physical servers | private clouds and third-party public cloud providers to Google Compute Engine with no impact on the customer. After the migration, the team uses Google Cloud operations tools (formerly Stackdriver) to monitor and correct problems in the full technology stack hosted on Google Cloud.
Compute Engine instances allow the company to replicate existing tasks and services with ease. Hybrid cloud architecture is deployed using Google Interconnect low latency and secure connectivity – to connect to a few on-prem applications like their partner network – because of application dependencies such as hardcoded IP addresses.
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