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  • Jan 28, 2013
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Business Case

NSE.IT has been a pioneer in designing innovative solutions that are datacenter specific and ensure 99.99% uptime for their customer’s IT infrastructure. As these solutions are mission-critical for NSE.IT’s customers and need to be ‘always on’, NSE.IT sought to partner with a managed IT hosting service provider who could guarantee 99.99% uptime for the IT infrastructure on which these applications are hosted.


  • IDC & Managed Hosting - Colocation, Ethernet, Firewall, Switch, Domain Name, Automated Backup (PetaVault)
  • Mail & Messaging - Shared Linux Mail


Key Benefits

  • Scalability and flexibility of facility and IT infrastructure to accommodate future projects and growth
  • High availability of IT infrastructure and 99.99% uptime ensures a consistent customer experience
  • Round the clock support, maintenance and technical expertise ensures faster turnaround times (TAT) and improved performance levels
  • A robust and a scalable IT infrastructure helps support NSE.IT customers’ expansion and growth plans


Business Scenario

NSE.IT is a pioneer in designing innovative solutions for addressing the IT requirements of its customers.These solutions are datacenter specific and are mission critical for NSE.IT’s customers. Hence, NSE.IT wanted to partner with a managed IT hosting service provider who could provide a highly available and scalable IT infrastructure with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime for its customer’s IT infrastructure.


Value Proposition

The reason why NSE.IT chose Netmagic as their managed IT hosting service provider was because of a similarity in approach of both the companies– providing innovative, highly scalable and available solutions to customers that surpass their expectations.

Says Milind Kamat, Asst. Vice President - IMS, "We have been partnering with Netmagic since 2004-2005 for providing hosting solutions to our customers that guarantee 99.99% uptime for their mission-critical applications. We also provide disaster recovery solutions to our customers through Netmagic's datacenters. One thing that makes Netmagic stand apart from other hosting service providers is their ability to understand individual customer needs and design a solution suited to those needs."


Currently Netmagic offers pure hosting services, backup and recovery solutions and mail and messaging services to NSE.IT’s customers. Says Milind Kamat, "We have availed of Netmagic's services both in Mumbai and Bangalore for our customers. In Bangalore we have a DR site for some of our customers."


He further adds, "Some of our customers have availed of hosting services from Netmagic for hosting their mission critical applications. The biggest benefit that they have derived out of this partnership is an 'always on' and highly available IT infrastructure with zero downtime."


NSE.IT and Netmagic jointly approach a customer who wants to avail of hosting services. After a detailed discussion that focuses on the customer's requirements, a solution tailored to the customer’s requirements is presented.


Says Milind Kamat, "Netmagic has always been intuitive of our customer's needs and have been very cost efficient too. They are able to rise to the expectations and deliver a solution that is tailor made for every individual customer of ours. This has been a hallmark of our relationship of over a decade now."

Key Takeaways

The benefits of this partnership between NSE.IT and Netmagic have been many for NSE.IT's customers besides an 'always on' IT infrastructure with 99.99% uptime. Says Milind Kamat, Asst. Vice President - IMS, "One of the most important benefits that we have derived is practically zero downtime for any service we provide to our customers through Netmagic's datacenter. Turnaround time (TAT) for any issue has been spontaneous - a responsibility shared by NSE.IT and Netmagic jointly. The teamwork between NSE.IT and Netmagic has ensured that the customer’s infrastructure is managed in a highly professional manner."

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