NTT-Netmagic helps Funngage

  • Nov 11, 2020
NTT-Netmagic helps Funngage
Customer profile
Funngage (a brand owned by Friend Sourcing Pvt Ltd), is a curated and integrated sports platform. Conceived, Researched, and Developed in India with the purpose of Digitizing Sports by
use of Technology.
Funngage faced challenges with its current local cloud provider with regards to SLA management, high operational costs and scalability.
Furthermore, the business wanted to reduce the quarterly cycle for software releases to deliver more products and services faster.
Outsource the design and management services as much as possible to focus on delivering new features and services on the Funngage platform.
The Solution
Google AppEngine is one of the cornerstones of Funngage’s upgraded Google Cloud environment. Transitioning to AppEngine has helped the infrastructure easily handle an increase in traffic, while still allowing Funngage to keep costs and time spent on maintenance to a minimum with autoscaling and managed services. “With Google AppEngine, we are scaling our platform exactly when and where we need it. We spend less time in maintenance and more on application development.” – Mayank Baluni - Product Head Funngage.
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