• Aug 22, 2013

The Paragon Group of companies is considered No. 1 in the organized rubber footwear sector. Promoted by the Paragon Group of Companies, it has state-of-the-art ISO-9001 certified factories incorporating the latest in footwear technology at: Kottayam, Bangalore, Salem, Hyderabad. Paragon has an ambitious expansion program and sales are expected to go up by 200% and more in the coming years.


Hosting services from Netmagic ensures zero downtime for the SAP Application environment at Paragon

Business Case

With annual sales of approx 12,00,00,000 pairs each year and ambitious growth plans, Paragon is a company on the move. Paragon plans to be the largest footwear brand in the country, not just in terms of volume and quality but in terms of sales revenue as well. Hence, the company aimed at introducing several new ranges of footwear and school bags in Indian as well as international markets.


To realize its ambitious growth plans, Paragon started planning for additional production facilities and even installed SAP ERP system to cover all its business processes. The company realized that hosting the SAP ERP application internally would require a huge CapEx for setting up the required infrastructure and employing professionals to manage it.


"We tried to manage the application at our own end but found it extremely difficult. Since we did not want to invest in recruiting manpower for managing the application or setting up an IT infrastructure to host it, we decided to outsource it to a managed IT hosting service provider," says Mithun, IT Director, Paragon

Value Proposition

After evaluating several service providers, Paragon chose Netmagic Solutions. A key factor for choosing Netmagic Solutions was that Netmagic is a SAP certified partner.


Says Mithun, IT Director, Paragon, "Netmagic is a SAP certified partner whereas other providers that we evaluated were not SAP certified. We got good inputs from the Netmagic team on hosting our SAP ERP application. The team at Netmagic addressed our concerns for having a highly available and scalable IT infrastructure for this application. Being a business critical application for us, it was crucial that there was no downtime, as this would affect the smooth functioning of our internal business processes. Netmagic addressed our concerns and also provided us the scalability of adding more users to the application as our business grew."


At present, Paragon is availing managed hosting services from Netmagic for its SAP ERP application.



Solution Snapshot

IDC & Managed Hosting:


  • Power and Bandwidth for SAP Application Hosting
  • WAN Monitoring
  • Leased line
  • Colocation

Key Takeaways

Paragon has been able to focus on its core business and its growth and expansion plans rather than having to worry about setting up and managing the IT infrastructure for hosting their SAP ERP application.


Says Mithun, IT Director, Paragon, "Managing the SAP environment was difficult for us as we are a manufacturing concern and our core area is not IT. There has been no downtime till now and our business operations have been running smoothly. As we grow, we can add more users without having to worry about buying additional hardware to support them. Our experience with Netmagic has been very good and we are satisfied with the services that have been provided to us."

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