SAP Transformation for one of India's leading media and publication houses

  • Jul 09, 2021
  • 2 min read
SAP Transformation for one of India's leading media and publication houses

The need for a robust, secure, managed SAP environment on Cloud as part of the client’s SAP transformation initiative

As a diversified business group, the client has multiple lines of business, and their SAP and application systems were hosted and managed as part of an existing engagement with a Bangalore-based provider. This existing engagement had proven to be unsatisfactory both in terms of cost as well as performance.

With an upcoming renewal and hardware refresh of the existing infrastructure, the client began to investigate if the landscape could be modernized with a focus on cost and performance optimization, and they began to evaluate providers that could deliver these outcomes.

Reducing existing costs while ensuring improved performance & responsiveness
With business interests that span media, publication and other diversified businesses, the client has aggressive growth plans for their various business units.

In the media and entertainment industry, the demands placed on the infrastructure can be dynamic as they can fluctuate based on current events. Agility and flexibility are therefore key to the client’s operations.

Their primary challenges included:

  • A rigid, inflexible arrangement with their current provider with high lock-in.
  • Infrastructure that wasn’t agile or elastic enough to meet dynamic business requirements.
  • High one-time costs and no consumption-based billing, which led to high operational costs and sub-optimal resource utilization.
  • High time to resolution when attempting to resolve issues pertaining to the SAP and application landscape.

Reducing existing costs while ensuring improved performance & resiliency
By moving to NTT’s SAP on Hybrid Cloud platform, the client was able to see a cost reduction of over 30% when compared to the previous provider. NTT’s solution increased the performance and responsive of the SAP and application environment significantly, while simultaneously ensuring resiliency against unforeseen outages.

A platform that delivers vastly improved user and customer experience
The refreshed, modernized environment leverages NTT’s hybrid cloud platform that can automatically scale up or down based on load – delivering vastly improved client and user experience without ever being over-budget.

Being future-ready
With a successful migration of their existing SAP and mission-critical applications to a modernized and optimal infrastructure platform, NTT has laid the foundation for the client to experience a smooth and non-disruptive eventual transition to NTT’s ‘SimpliHANA’ SAP HANA managed cloud platform when the time is right.

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