SequelOne HONO HR

  • Mar 19, 2019
Customer Profile
SequelOne (HONO HR) is committed towards enabling employees through technology. It aims to build human relationships, capitalize on employees’ unique strengths for personal growth and amplify the best of human talent through innovative technology. It facilitates real-time engagement, 360 degree continuous feedback, empowerment, alignment, retention, growth, increased employee satisfaction and much more.
Services Used
  • NTT-Netmagic proposed secure Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) using Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) from N2WS
  • N2WS replaced present manually created scripts and automated the entire process
  • Backup retention policy is daily incremental for 15 days, weekly full for 1 month and monthly full 3 months for 45 TB spread across 33 Linux machines and 10 MySQL databases
  • With N2WS, SequelOne (HONO HR) now has centralized reporting on the backup process
  • N2WS also enabled a single window for all backups including Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS along with cloning of entire VPC settings to same or another region for recovery, ensuring restoration of not just the instances and data but also the VPC settings.
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