Strengthening the security posture of a leading software company through next-generation real-time threat intelligence and response

  • Apr 25, 2022
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Strengthening the security posture of a leading software company through next-generation real-time threat intelligence and response

Fortifying organization-wide security through real-time, proactive and actionable insights
A global leader in digital products and solutions, client wanted to strengthen their cybersecurity posture to bring the next level of protection to their industry-leading suite of products and solutions. Their offerings are highly regarded by analysts and the media alike, and deployed by some of the world’s most admired brands and market-leaders. As the cybersecurity landscape becomes increasingly sophisticated, having a strong security ecosystem would not only protect and accelerate seamless business growth, but also provide them immediate advantage over competition.

The client which has been listed in IDC’s fintech ranking for past three consecutive years partnered with NTT India to adopt a proactive stance towards cybersecurity, which in turn would augment their market standing as a fully secure and compliant solutions provider. Working with NTT, they devised a fail-safe, futuristic and platformbased solution that would both reinforce and transform their organization’s comprehensive security ecosystem.

The client was looking to align their information security strategy with global regulatory requirements. One of the reasons behind this was to ensure compliance with the stringent security mandates of their clients. Given today’s rapidly evolving threat terrain and exponential increase in cyber-crime, this would prove to be a massive activity involving specialized resources, tools and technologies.

The following challenges added to the complexity and urgency of the requirement:

  • Diverse IT landscape spread across India and USA.
  • Servers and applications were hosted through colocation and on the cloud.
  • The fact that they are a top fintech provider made it imperative for them to secure their assets using the most sophisticated technologies available, across all layers, including applications.
  • There was a pressing need to be able to respond to actionable intelligence on threats in real time using best-in-class automation and orchestration capabilities.
  • Optimizing security management costs was a critical requirement.

Client’s existing security solutions were not providing sufficient insight into their security operations, including the ability to consolidate security events and visualize better. While responding to threats was one thing, they also needed significant predictive insights through real-time analysis of alerts, cutting-edge AI/ML-led threat hunting services, and specialized, on-time intervention. They sought experts in the field of security solutions to consolidate risk events and deliver actionable insights in real time through a SIEM solution and automated response.

Enabling the client to securely and confidently handle their customer data and expand footprint to key global markets
The reimagined security ecosystem was holistic in every sense, involving end-to-end enhancement of the organization’s risk profile, round-the-clock, proactive protection of IT assets, continuous monitoring of security incidents and a robust strategy for threat response and neutralization. NTT’s platform delivered SOAR-based automation enabled faster response to event remediation, in turn delivering results over and beyond the client’s original requirement for a simple SIEM solution. By partnering with NTT, the client unlocked the following outcomes:

  • Comprehensive visibility - Centralized insight into logs, flows and events across environments
  • High efficiency - Automated tracking processes to focus on investigation and response
  • Real-time threat detection - Auto-analyze logs and flows to generate prioritized alerts
  • 24x7 threat monitoring - Proactive incident detection and response through AI/MLdriven predictive analytics
  • Streamlined compliance - Pre-built reports and templates to fast-track internal and external compliance
  • Lower TCO - Through pay-as-you-go services that reinforce client’s focus on core business
  • Clearly defined service level agreement - To measure the quality of service delivery

The solution implemented by NTT is now integrated with all the device sets deployed at the company’s offices. Through the offering, the client has augmented their ability to proactively identify and respond faster to threats, bolstering performance and competitiveness. As the next steps, they are already considering partnering with NTT for advanced security services, including application security testing, red team, and brand monitoring.


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