Union AMC accelerates their digital transformation journey

  • Oct 18, 2021
  • 2 min read
Union AMC accelerates their digital transformation journey

To ensure they could continue to deliver market-leading innovation to their customers, Union Asset Management Company (Union AMC) decided to refresh their data center infrastructure to better support their agile and flexible business strategy.

Working with NTT Ltd. in India they deployed a hyper-converged infrastructure platform, as well as an additional backup location to augment their existing disaster recovery site.

This ensured that they were able to quickly meet all the demands from the business while seamlessly scaling capacity to meet the workload requirements.

This platform also supports their application modernization strategy enabling a new generation of applications leveraging containers and microservices.

Charting a path to the future of asset management
As a leading financial services organization, Union AMC needed to ensure they can stay ahead of developments in the fast paced asset management market.

For Union AMC delivering an exceptional client experience is of critical importance and they needed an IT environment that would allow them to deploy new offerings quickly and with no disruption to the existing environment.

Their existing IT environment did not have the flexibility and efficiency to meet these demands so they embarked on a digital infrastructure transformation journey to adopt an architecture that would allow them to achieve their business objectives.

They were looking to boost efficiency, security, and have an environment that was flexible enough to accommodate future technology enhancements.

They also needed to enhance their business continuity strategy to reduce downtime in the event of their primary site being unavailable.

With only a small IT team they looked for a partner with the expertise to assist them in achieving their vision.

Creating the foundations for future growth
As Union AMC look to the future, their new hyperconverged infrastructure allows them to rapidly deploy new recourse as the business demands. This lays the foundations for their future infrastructure and application strategy as they look to deliver new products and services to the market.

More agile and flexible infrastructure
The software defined hyperconverged data center infrastructure enables them to easily manage and scale capacity as the workload demands it. This frees them from having to procure new infrastructures to support business demands.

Guaranteed uptime
With defined SLAs we can ensure the systems are always available. The near DR site ensures that should their primary data center be offline for any reason their applications are always available.

Supporting a modern application strategy
With their application modernization strategy in place, they’re able to rely on the hyperconverged infrastructure to provide the capacity they need to ensure their customers always have access to the latest products and services.

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