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  Knowledge Center
Articles, Case Studies, Whitepapers and Blogs on Cloud Computing, Security & Datacenter Related Topics  


Knowledge Center

Articles, Case Studies, Whitepapers and Blogs on Cloud Computing, Security & Datacenter Related Topics


Dawn of the Virtual Private Cloud
January 19, 2017

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a hybrid model of cloud computing in which a private cloud solution is provided within a public cloud provider’s infrastructure.

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Top 5 Trends That Will Shape Cloud in 2017
January 19, 2017

In 2017, cloud computing shall gain the stronger foothold as it proves to be key to the whole digital transformation movement. Here are the top 5 trends that will impact Cloud in the coming year.

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Featured Blog

Top 3 Reasons for CIOs to Choose SAP Hosting Services

Rishikesh Kamat May 09, 2014 Category : IMS

Here are the top three reasons why CIOs should opt for SAP Hosting Services from a credible and experienced service provider to host, manage and run the mission-critical ERP ecosystem for their busi...

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Cloud Strategies for the Modern CIO

 Nitin Mishra, Senior Vice President & Chief Product Officer at Netmagic, shared his point of view for CIOs is to take a holistic approach of adopting cloud computing with respect to the workloads of an organization. Enterprises should adopt a single architecture for better manageability...

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Featured Casestudy

RBL Bank is one of the few pre-independence financial institutions in India that was established with the sole aim of economically empowering people. Over the years the bank has established itself as a strong force in the regional private banking landscape. The bank has a rich legacy of serving the trading, agriculture and manufacturing sector and today boasts of 101 branches and 50 ATMS spread...



Delivering The Security Promise

If being your organization's watchdog is becoming too heavy and expensive a task, we suggest you look at the new model for IT security which offers security as a service without compromising on efficiency or control.


What to Consider While Selecting Public Cloud Service?

Cost usually rules the mind, when it comes to choosing a public cloud service provider. What actually matter are several other factors such as VM migration, storage and auto-scaling, and above all ease of support interaction, and not having to deal with a faceless organization.