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Storage as a Service (SAAS)
Scalable & comprehensive range of data storage services  

Storage as a Service (SAAS)

Scalable & comprehensive range of data storage services


NTT Com-Netmagic provides a highly scalable, dependable and comprehensive range of data storage and backup solutions, designed to offer the highest levels of protection to your critical business assets.

Why Tiered Secure Storage (NTSS)


NTSS is helpful with high performance workloads

Offers guaranteed IOPS for your performance-sensitive applications

It ensures that your applications get the read-write performance they need while maintaining complete end-to-end security

It can be used with SimpliVPC, Netmagic Private & Public Cloud as well as with Dedicated Servers

NTSS platform is based on SSD delivering Committed QoS on Storage Performance (IOPS)

Highly Scalable with no limitation on Capacity and IOPS

Start with as low as 100GB of Capacity with 100 IOPS




SimpliDrive is an Enterprise Grade object storage solution featuring robust OpenSwift Stack/ SimpliDrive is a highly redundant, massively scalable, widely distributed and secured object storage solution delivered over the internet using familiar web browsers.

Every object has 3 physically dispersed copies within a zone ensuring data protection from more than 2 failures at any given point in time

Optimized scalability up to multiples of petabytes and billions of objects

99.99999% data durability SLA

Direct browser access to content via NTT Com-Netmagic Service Orchestrator and RESTful API’s

Pay as you use and start with as low as 50GB

  • Dedicated, Hosted & Managed Storage
  • Zero Capex, Offered in Flexible Monthly Payment Scheme
  • Single Tenant Offering
  • Storage custom designed based on Customer’s requirement
  • Completely Managed by NTT Com-Netmagic Operations