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Cloud Migration as a Service
Simpler, Smarter and Faster Workload Migration

SimpliMigrate: Migration-as-a-Service

Simpler, Smarter and Faster Workload Migration


Migration of on-premise workloads to cloud infrastructure has proven benefits in terms of cost reduction, scalability, optimized performance and regulatory compliance. However, traditional processes for workload migration are very complex and involve a significant amount of manual activities and multiple tools. The presence of heterogeneous applications and varied workloads makes migration a time consuming process that requires multiple skillsets. In addition, migration is mostly an offline process, typically involving a large amount of downtime.

NTT Com-Netmagic’s SimpliMigrate is a multiplatform Migration-as-a-Service offering that enables organizations to simplify the migration of different types of workloads across varied infrastructure deployments. SimpliMigrate can be used for a wide variety of migration scenarios, including:

  • Migrating applications and data from legacy infrastructure to cloud environments
  • Moving workloads across different cloud platforms (Netmagic, AWS, Azure) or infrastructure (public, private, virtual private)
  • Datacenter transformation, consolidation or relocation
  • Moving on-premise software licenses to cloud-based licensing models

Why Migration-as-a-Service

Create a comprehensive migration strategy to rationalize and optimize all workloads across the organization

Minimize risk through a completely online and automated process. Minimal manual intervention required in activities like shipping or rebuilding workloads

Create and standardize the migration process to meet all process and IT needs across the organization

Be in control of downtime and availability requirements with Live Migration

Accelerate the migration process with Multiple Concurrent Migrations

Ensure hassle-free go-live through end-to-end testing across various parameters – load, performance, integration and user acceptance testing

Leverage NTT Com-Netmagic’s expertise around infrastructure management, workload migration and adherence to global SLAs


What Can We Migrate?

Database: Oracle, SQL, Sybase, MySQL, MongoDB, Stark-B, Exchange

Operating System: Linux, Windows (only x86)

Hypervisor: Hyper V, VMware, RHEV, OVM, Openstack

Cloud: AWS, Azure, Netmagic


Our services


Netmagic’s SimpliMigrate Service offers a proven and hassle-free methodology for migrations of workloads. The service offers multiple “Legacy to Cloud” and “Cloud to Cloud” migration options including native migration for simple / standard workloads or automated migration for complex migration projects.



Oracle, SQL, Sybase, MySQL, MongoDB, Stark-B, Exchange


Operating System

Linux, Windows (only x86)



Hyper V, VMware, RHEV, OVM, Openstack



AWS, Azure, Netmagic


SimpliMigrate: How it Works


SimpliMigrate is an extremely simple, workflow driven approach to application and data migration. It follows a three-step process consisting of workload analysis, configuration and rollout.


Step 1: Workload Analysis

NTT Com-Netmagic performs a comprehensive inventory analysis of various workloads, stakeholder needs and utilization trends across the organization. The outcome of this analysis is an optimized utilization plan. The utilization plan covers key criteria for each workload such as:

  • Target objectives, e.g. technology refresh, DR, improved availability, compliance requirements
  • Workload characteristics – size, nature (transactional / static), complexity, security needs, SLAs
  • Application type – e.g. consumer portal, mobile app, analytics tools, collaboration platform, decision support dashboards, enterprise data warehouses
  • Application owners and affected stakeholders – assess key stakeholder challenges around performance, availability, usability, access, SLA adherence, compliance, etc.


Step 2: Configuration

The assessment stage is followed by defining the optimal set of infrastructure resources for each workload. In this step, NTT Com-Netmagic would provide specific recommendations for different types of workloads – such as rehost as-is, re-host revise, custom build, or refactor.


Step 3: Rollout

The recommended migration services may be manual (for complex workloads) or automated (for standard workloads). Standard workloads (automated migration) typically constitute a majority of the organization’s migration needs. SimpliMigrate leverages PlateSpin by Micro Focus, for its automated migration service. The tool enables SimpliMigrate to automatically configure the server workload to operate on the target environment, making driver, kernel and other necessary changes on the fly. With a driver database of over 55,000 hardware drivers, and the ability for you to add your own custom drivers, SimpliMigrate ensures the widest array of hardware and platform support so you can perform migrations across a variety of infrastructure options.

For custom migration needs, NTT Com-Netmagic offers specialized assessment, configuration, refactoring, deployment, integration and UAT services.


Benefits of SimpliMigrate

No need for shipping or rebuilding server workloads. Migration helps in minimizing risk

Minimize downtime with Live Migrations

Faster Go-live with Multiple Concurrent Migrations

Test Migrations before Go-live

Expert skills & repeatable processes used for the entire process from inventory assessment, migration to reporting


SimpliMigrate Plans

Service Plan
Source Workload
Target Workload
SimpliMigrate - Native
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V
  • Physical Server
  • Netmagic SimpliCloud
  • Netmagic SimpliVPC
  • Private Cloud on VMware
  • Private Cloud on Hyper-V
SimpliMigrate - Automated
  • OVM
  • KVM
  • Xen
  • Open Stack
  • Physical Server
  • Netmagic SimpliCloud
  • Netmagic SimpliVPC
  • Private Cloud on VMware
  • Private Cloud on Hyper-V
SimpliMigrate - Custom
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Physical Servers
  • Netmagic SimpliCloud
  • Netmagic SimpliVPC
  • Private Cloud on VMware
  • Private Cloud on Hyper-V
  • Physical Servers