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Network Services
Span, Safety, Availability  

Network Services

Span, Safety, Availability


As business needs and markets grow, enterprises need fast, flexible and hassle-free connectivity across all their areas of operation. Our Network Services offer a comprehensive suite of IP-VPN and other connectivity options that can meet your growing demand. We are carrier neutral, and help you manage your multi-carrier environment seamlessly through a single interface, with consistent SLAs across all major operators in India.

Arcstar India Domestic Network


With a network coverage in 196 regions and countries, and 255 datacenters, NTT-Netmagic is the only global partner that supports clients with an integrated perspective across applications, infrastructure and network. This has helped it earn the trust of more than 88% of Fortune Global 100 companies for their ICT needs.

In India, NTT-Netmagic deliver these globally benchmarked services through the Arcstar India Domestic Network. With this network, you get access to NTT-Netmagic’ powerful solutions for enterprise connectivity, coupled with deep understanding of domestic network challenges. In addition, our 9 carrier neutral, state-of-the-art Datacenter and 5 Cloud Grids across India enable you to build a seamless environment for IT and network infrastructure.

Disclaimer: The network services suite is offered and delivered by NTT-Netmagic.