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Published on 04-Mar-2021

NTT Netmagic plans captive power plant in Tamil Nadu

NTT India through its data centre services arm NTT Netmagic is in the process of setting up a captive renewable energy power plant in Tamil Nadu.

Published on 24-Feb-2021

We are aggressively expanding data centre business in India

The major factors driving demand for DC in India

Published on 17-Feb-2021

NTT's India engrs help companies deal with disasters

The ability for businesses to continue functioning when the unexpected occurs took on a whole new level of importance when Covid-19 struck.

Published on 03-Feb-2021

5 most in-demand skills for data center of the future

The modern data center is constantly evolving to accommodate various types of new workloads.

Published on 02-Feb-2021

We are aiming to become the largest IT company in India: Sharad Sanghi NTT India

Last year global giant NTT announced the merger of three of its business entities namely NTT India Pvt. Ltd. NTT Com India and Netmagic into a single organization.

Published on 25-Jan-2021

Data centre consolidation will happen: NTT's Sanghi

What did the pandemic mean for the data centre industry?

Published on 20-Jan-2021

Why server stacks are the new realty play

Driven by a localization push companies are rushing to set up data centres. What are the pain points?

Published on 04-Jan-2021

100 percent Security Is A Myth; Monitoring and Incident Response Is The Key: Srinivas Prasad NTT-Netmagic

In just a few months some of the major companies of the world have suffered crippling cyberattacks. This has compromised the vital information of the affected companies and in few cases exposed personal details of their customers.

Published on 07-Dec-2020

The Increasing Role Of AI In The Data Center

Published on 06-Dec-2020

CNBC TV18 Intel Present Future Proof Your Business Everything Cloudified

Mr. Sharad Sanghi Leader Designate of NTT Ltd. India in a panel discussion on Future Proofing Your Business in association with CNBC Intel

Published on 01-Dec-2020

The significance of a cloud governance model

In a fast paced world, many enterprises are considering multiple cloud options for different workloads.

Published on 27-Nov-2020

How enterprises are leveraging colocation to interconnect to a system of clouds

In the journey to the cloud colocation can be a good starting point as it allows enterprises to gradually start moving their applications to the cloud in a step by step manner

Published on 19-Nov-2020

NTT integrates business in India, appoints Sharad Sanghi as leader

Japanese technology giant NTT Ltd on Thursday said it is consolidating its three business entities

Published on 19-Nov-2020

NTT to complete integration of its three Indian business entities

Japanese technology services provider NTT will complete the integration of its three Indian business entities in January and has appointed Sharad Sanghi as the leader of the combined entity.

Published on 19-Nov-2020

NTT Ltd rejigs organisational structure in backdrop of digital push by companies

Seeing an increased digital push from Indian companies NTT Limited has made changes to its organisation structure.

Published on 19-Nov-2020

NTT announces integration of key India units to better serve customers

The firm chose Sharad Sanghi currently the CEO for global data centres and Cloud infrastructure India at NTT to head the merged entity in India

Published on 22-Oct-2020

Huge growth in data consumption post-pandemic India key market for NTT worldwide to set up data centres

Japanese company NTT would be investing USD 2 bn nearly Rs 14000 crore in India to build data centres.

Published on 10-Aug-2020

India's datacenter markets soar to the clouds

India is undergoing an impressive growth spurt. The country is growing at 23 CAGR 2017-2022 due to increased demand from global cloud providers

Published on 10-Aug-2020

In India the IT industry has created more opportunities for women than any other industry: Seema Ambastha NTT-Netmagic

Hard work and dedication have helped Seema Ambasta, SVP-India Global Business

Published on 04-Aug-2020

Geared up for Demand

Salute to the Ultimate 120 with the Power of Change

Published on 26-Jul-2020

Preparing for unseen disasters: Best practices for emergency preparedness

In the process this black swan event has completely altered our way of thinking and has forced organizations to bring about a change in the way they function.

Published on 24-Jul-2020

Its Raining Big Offers for Cloud Technology Talent

Large technology companies such as Amazon TCS Accenture and NTT-Netmagic and banking financial services and insurance

Published on 21-Jul-2020

Loot in the time of a virus: Fearware attacks spike as online scamsters prey on pandemic panic

Data breaches and phishing attacks are nothing new. But the widespread adoption of digital payments and the work-from-home culture during the pandemic

Published on 02-Jul-2020

Computing growth trajectory

NTT-Netmagic has emerged as a leading player in the Indian ICT market.

Published on 17-Jun-2020

How Should IT Folks Use Their WFH Time: NTT Netmagic

Virtual meetings and other Work From Home rituals have coaxed people working in the IT space to specifically adjust themselves with the advances of technology as per the industry demands

Published on 17-Jun-2020

Why 2020 will be a watershed year for automation

While the need for automation has always been necessary the Covid 19 pandemic has forced organizations to step on the accelerator.

Published on 01-Jun-2020

NTT-Netmagics first solar plant to operate as India lockdown eases

In its commitment to adopt green energy data center company NTT-Netmagic Netmagic is set to launch operations at its first captive solar power plant in India

Published on 01-Jun-2020

Trends in Datacentre

Nitin Mishra Senior EVP Chief Product Officer Ntt-Netmagic is responsible for cloud and datacentre services of NTT-Netmagic.

Published on 07-May-2020

Treading with caution: India Inc. still wary of resuming work from office

As India Inc. prepares for offices to open post the lockdown employees expect their employers to take responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe environment for them.

Published on 06-May-2020

Priority for IT and ITes Companies is to Safeguard Employees and Stakeholders

As IT and ITes companies have been allowed to resume operations during Lockdown 3.0 employee wellbeing and servicing clients hold the topmost priority

Published on 29-Apr-2020

Best practices in Business Continuity Planning: Now and for the future

Disasters are a common phenomena and every organisation must have adequate plans and processes to ensure sustained business continuity

Published on 22-Apr-2020

This is a chance to really bring tech into processes: NTT India exec

Organisations can become more flexible by infusing cutting-edge technologies into their processes.

Published on 06-Apr-2020

NTT Ltd bets big on innovations sees huge growth coming from India

Fueled by a fast rising market for data consumption, NTT Ltd is bullish on huge growth coming in from multiple quarters.

Published on 01-Apr-2020

Work and entertainment at home lift demand for data centres

One week into the 21-day nationwide lockdown imposed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic data centres have seen demand for internet bandwidth surge as people either work from home

Published on 31-Mar-2020

Data centre providers get viral boost as more people work from home

Data centre providers in the country are seeing increased demand in the ongoing lockdown as more and more people work from home. And say they are prepared to handle the load comfortably for the near future.

Published on 27-Mar-2020

India under lockdown: Jobs and salaries safe despite disruption companies tell staff

Leading companies in India are proactively assuring employees that they will be taken care of financially while the lockdown continues or even if it gets extended.

Published on 24-Mar-2020

Top marketing trends to help grow your digital business

Customer Experience is the most defining trend and every organization is investing huge amounts of money to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Published on 20-Mar-2020

Top 5 Simple Ways to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Most of the worlds most notorious hacks have happened due to clever phishing attacks. We list down five simple techniques to avoid phishing attacks

Published on 17-Feb-2020

Why Cloud Colocation is the perfect pair for your business

The real opportunity for organizations lies in creating synergy between colocation and cloud. Using colocation and cloud together in the right mix for the right workload can help organizations achieve a true hybrid infrastructure

Published on 03-Feb-2020

7 Key Cloud Computing Trends That Will Shape Enterprise Computing In 2020

In 2020 expect cloud computing to dominate the market as it will continue to be the platform for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence blockchain and Internet-of-Things

Published on 02-Feb-2020

Data localization helped global firms expand rapidly in India: NTTs Sanghi

NTT which will be investing over 7 billion in the new divisions will allocate a significant part of the investment to the Indian business says Sharad Sanghi CEO global data centres and cloud infrastructure India

Published on 22-Jan-2020

NTT to invest estimated USD 1.5 bln in data centres in India

Mumbai Jan 22 PTI Japanese tech major NTT on Wednesday said a significant part of its USD 7 billion global commitment for data centres business would be spent in India over the next four years.

Published on 17-Jan-2020

Top 7 emerging hybrid cloud computing trends to watch in 2020

From the rise of hybrid multicloud to increased use of edge computing and hyperconverged infrastructure in hybrid cloud strategies 2020 will witness several dominating trends that will shape the future of hybrid cloud

Published on 14-Jan-2020

How managed data centers are the foundation for the hybrid IT environment

As data centers grow in scale and complexity more and more enterprises are preferring managed data centers to maximize their potential and availability

Published on 27-Dec-2019

Top 5 managed security trends to watch out in 2020

With cyber threats rapidly evolving in nature managed security space is witnessing inclusion of advanced technologies and techniques to stay ahead of potential attacks

Published on 03-Dec-2019

Benefits offered by SD-WAN to enterprises: Ravi Jha NTT-Netmagic

SD-WAN offers numerous benefits to enterprises. In an interview with DataQuest Ravi Jha associate vice president - products and services network NTT Netmagic talks about why enterprises must adopt SD-WAN and some trends in the space in the yea

Published on 14-Nov-2019

Evolution of Edge Computing

In a connected world where everything from cars to home air conditioners is getting connected the number of IoT devices in use is on the rise.

Published on 07-Oct-2019

Security Think Tank: 5 tips to consider in managed security outsourcing

The explosion of big data technologies rise of multi-cloud coupled with fast data technologies is fueling significant changes in data infrastructure that powers it.

Published on 30-Sep-2019

BFSI sector slow and reluctant to make the transition to cloud: Netmagic Global CFO

In an interview with ETCFO's Shivani Phaugat Alok Bajpai Global CFO NTT-Netmagic Solutions.

Published on 30-Aug-2019

Netmagics CEO Sharad Sanghi drills down on cloud strategy competition and future plans

Netmagics CEO Sharad Sanghi and CTO Shriranga Mulay discuss the state of the business and how the company is pushing forward faster than ever and raising the bar on the competition.

Published on 16-Aug-2019

NTT Com-Netmagic Solutions to expand its data centre network in India

Cloud and data centre service provider NTT Com-Netmagic Solutions is planning to open three new data centres in the coming months.

Published on 25-Jul-2019

Why cloud containers are the future of enterprise IT

Given the pace at which organizations are required to launch digital initiatives organizations today find it extremely difficult to launch applications at a speed that the business demands.

Published on 25-Jul-2019

Why Managed Security-as-a-Service is the Next Big Thing

Not long ago enterprise security was all about securing the perimeter encrypting data and installing the firewalls. Nonetheless if you are living by the same rules in todays business environment you are headed for a security disaster.

Published on 19-Jun-2019

Co-location imperatives for new hyperscaling cloud environments

In the digital age businesses need the ability to scale quickly and respond proactively to business demand.

Published on 11-Jun-2019

NTT-Netmagic announces winners of its Startup Challenge

NTT-Netmagic one of the leading Managed Hosting and Multi-Cloud Hybrid IT solution providers in India

Published on 16-May-2019

Bridging the enterprise security skill gap through Managed Security Services

The security breaches are becoming more frequent and difficult to predict because hackers are becoming more sophisticated.

Published on 11-May-2019

BT Buzz: Data localisation - Datacentre service providers see gold

There are many sides to the debate around data localisation or the Indian governments thrust to ensure that companies maintain data locally within the borders of India.

Published on 29-Apr-2019

Boosting customer experience through disruptive technology

There has been a shift in power from the hands of business providers to that of the customer in the past decade and recent advancements in technology have accelerated this shift significantly.

Published on 18-Apr-2019

Deploying an SD-WAN: 10 Key Recommendations for IT Leaders

SD-WAN technology has been on the rise in the past few years and will continue to grow in the future.

Published on 01-Apr-2019

Deploying The Best Scalable Practices For Cloud Applications

The power of cloud in meeting the demands of a business must be leveraged in a more proactive and efficient way in terms of both operations as well as costs

Published on 19-Mar-2019

Public or Private Cloud: Understanding What is Best for Enterprises

Cloud computing has become an integral part of business today with public and private cloud representing two transformative categories of this form of network-computing.

Published on 13-Feb-2019

Digital Transformation Challenges in Legacy Infrastructure

The Global Digital Transformation Market is expected to exceed more than US 462 billion by 2024 and will grow at a CAGR of more than 18.5 in the given forecast period.

Published on 13-Feb-2019

How hybrid multi cloud acts as competitive differentiator for NTT - Netmagic

In an exclusive Sharad Sanghi Managing Director and CEO NTT - Netmagic talks about the recent investment in data centers in Mumbai and Bangalore and the events leading up to its rapid growth.

Published on 30-Jan-2019

Indias Colocation and Managed Hosting Markets is Expected To Reach Revenue of 2 Billion Dollars in 2019

About 45 of the IT budget in Indian organizations is being earmarked to optimize traditional IT infrastructure develop highly skilled talent and innovate digital processes that can make business adaptive and resilent.

Published on 28-Jan-2019

Multi-cloud strategy is what will work going forward: Shantaram Shinde NTT-Netmagic

Growth will be largely driven by multi cloud private cloud SD-WAN and security services according to Shantaram Shinde VP and national head - channel business NTT Com-Netmagic.

Published on 20-Jan-2019

Top 8 Cloud Computing Focus Areas For 2019

Looking back at 2018 we have had a number of major developments globally around new technology trends such as big data IoT edge computing and analytics. Many of these developments have been clubbed under a common theme of digital transformation

Published on 04-Jan-2019

MSS on growth path despite lower clarity among FIs: Rishikesh Kamat

Banks find it tough to adopt MSS Managed Security Services due to legacy tech but FIs like insurance and stock brokers adhering to new guidelines find it easy to adopt MSS.

Published on 02-Jan-2019

Multi-Cloud is not just about vendor flexibility

With the promise of unmatched IT flexibility better cost structures and greater business efficiencies the multi-cloud model is seeing strong adoption by companies

Published on 17-Dec-2018

Netmagic abreasts partners on scaling up applications in a cloud mobile-first world

CRN India held its maiden event under the CRN Channel Series umbrella in association with Netmagic Solutions.

Published on 23-Nov-2018

Multi Cloud for Multiple Enterprise Needs

The digital economy is making it imperative for companies to balance control and agility affectively to leverage the emerging opportunities.

Published on 22-Nov-2018

Sharad Sanghi of Netmagic On Why The Mumbai Market Is On Cloud Nine

Sharad Sanghi CEO of Netmagic Solutions a cloud computing services provider is a great conversationalist. Apart from sharing interesting insights about the nascent cloud industry in India Sanghi quips with jokes at regular intervals

Published on 15-Nov-2018

NTT Global Data Centers Preparatory to Strengthen Data Center Business

NTT Communications Corp. NTT Com the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group announced that it will establish the NTT Global Data Centers

Published on 03-Nov-2018

Data centre operator Netmagic to build 100-MW captive solar power plant

IT infrastructure provider Netmagic is set to work on Indias largest captive solar power plant to meet the increasing power demand for its data centres in Mumbai.

Published on 01-Nov-2018

How India Inc can embrace digital transformation at every part of the value chain

With disruption becoming the new game in modern times India Incs digital transformation has also picked up rapid pace and it is no more about a customer-first challenge.

Published on 31-Oct-2018

Mumbai favourite destination to set up data centres

Mumbai is one of the leading locations to setup data centres followed by Bengaluru NCR of Delhi and Chennai according to CBRE report.

Published on 29-Oct-2018

How India Inc can embrace digital transformation at every part of the value chain

With disruption becoming the new game in modern times India Incs digital transformation has also picked up a rapid pace and it is no more about a customer-first challenge.

Published on 17-Oct-2018

Netmagic now an advanced consulting partner in APN

NTT Com-Netmagic meets the thorough requirements of the APN Advanced Consulting Partner tier with its AWS expertise capabilities and engagement within the AWS Partner community.

Published on 21-Sep-2018

Personal Data Protection and Data Localization: Rethinking Your Enterprise Multi-Cloud Strategy

In the wake of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal in the US and the implementation of GDPR across Europe the Government of India has been actively working towards bringing strong legislation

Published on 18-Sep-2018

Silver Lining in Cloud War

The govts push for data localisation means growth for the already-profitable cloud business of global tech majors local units.

Published on 07-Sep-2018

Cloudy with a chance of windfall: how cloud management is becoming a multibillion-dollar business

The earlier version of this question was relatively simpler: which cloud to bite into? That was when the decision was limited to choosing between a private or public cloud and a cloud-infrastructure provider.

Published on 03-Aug-2018

Exitos CFO Leadership Summit: CFOs must groom themselves for digital age

The 12th edition of CFO Leadership Summit organised by Exito Media Concepts Pvt. Ltd.

Published on 03-Aug-2018

Simpliying Multicloud Security with Managed Services

A managed security service provider can help CIOs and CISOs simplify their multicloud security environment and help create a robust sustainable and scalable security position for the enterprise

Published on 02-Aug-2018

Industry seeks a secure code in data localisation norms

Indias data localisation framework should look to ensure strong security and protection of citizens data without impacting the growth of digital economy say industry players.

Published on 30-Jul-2018

Hyperscale: Redefining The Economics of Datacenters

Over the years businesses have relied on datacenters to manage their applications and data cost effectively.

Published on 25-Jul-2018

Simplifying multicloud security with managed services

Enterprise IT has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Customer engagement and inter-connectivity are at the centre of every business application today and cloud based applications have become the new normal.

Published on 20-May-2018

IoT Connected Things Will Drive Colocation In Future

Consumer devices mobile platforms and data management paradigms have evolved extremely fast in the last decade.

Published on 11-May-2018

Netmagic bets on hybrid multi-cloud solutions

Cloud-computing services provider Netmagic has stepped up focus on combined solution of on-premise storage private and multiple public cloud platforms to remain competitive.

Published on 01-May-2018

NTT Group to Launch Smart Cities Initiative with Dell Technologies

LAS VEGAS--BUSINESS WIRE--NTT Group NTT NTT DATA NTT Communications and Dimension Data has expanded its partnership with Dell Technologies

Published on 21-Apr-2018

Cloud driving the present Datacenter Market

The digital universe is doubling in size every two years and by 2020 the digital universe the data we create and copy annually will reach 44 zettabytes or 44 trillion gigabytes.

Published on 17-Apr-2018

A global perspective and sensitivity is a must for CFOs says Alok Bajpai

In an email interview with Alok Bajpai Global CFO of managed service provider Netmagic Solutions an NTT Communications company ETCFOs Vartika Rawat

Published on 07-Apr-2018

Netmagic to set up two more data centres this year

Netmagic Solutions a well-known managed hosting and cloud service provider is in the process of setting up two more data centres.

Published on 03-Apr-2018

Netmagic with McAfee launches malware protection services

With this partnership Netmagic and McAfee will provide customized security services to help customers in monitoring malicious activities across servers

Published on 29-Mar-2018

SME Channels and Netmagic completed Channel Event in New Delhi

SME Channels the leading IT Channel magazine in India and datacenter leader Netmagic a NTT company organized its Delhi edition of channel event on 11th of March Hotel Le Meridian.

Published on 26-Mar-2018

Netmagic to invest in cybersecurity

Cloud and managed services company Netmagic which has data centres and provides cloud hosting services is looking to increase its investment in cybersecurity

Published on 22-Feb-2018

Smart Stages of Business Excellence in Digital Era

The senior leadership of companies should constantly keep a watch on the developments in business and assess as to how that would impact their business in the short and medium term.

Published on 20-Feb-2018

NTT India Netmagic partners with Nokias Nuage Networks

NTT Com IndiaNetmagic partnered with Nuage Networks a Nokia venture to strengthen its network as a service portfolio based on software-defined wide area network SD-WAN solution

Published on 17-Jan-2018

Larger Datacenters and Better Services: Netmagic

With Managed Services and Public Cloud signaling a paradigm shift in the Datacenter market Netmagic is building on the companys strengths

Published on 15-Jan-2018

Multi-cloud strategy is the new normal: Sharad Sanghi

Managing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments remain our biggest strength says Sharad Sanghi MD CEO Netmagic Solutions.

Published on 11-Jan-2018

Mumbai-IX Powered by DE-CIX Establishes Presence at Netmagic DC5

Frankfurt Germany Mumbai Maharashtra India Mumbai-IX powered by DE-CIX expands its footprint in Mumbai to Netmagic DC5 in the Chandivali neighborhood.

Published on 08-Jan-2018

Netmagic honcho Sunil Gupta: We see huge growth in cloud managed services business in India

There is a huge growth in the Indian data centre market says Sunil Gupta executive director president Netmagic an NTT Communications company.

Published on 20-Dec-2017

Netmagic investing Rs 1200-cr to double capacity

NTT-Netmagic which claims to be the largest domestic cloud computing firm with around 10 percent market share

Published on 18-Dec-2017

We want to establish Netmagic as a pioneer in SDWAN technology in India: Sunil Gupta ED President Netmagic

We plan to establish Netmagic as pioneers in SDWAN technology in India so as to provide next-generation Network solutions to Indian enterprises

Published on 10-Dec-2017

Business Excellence In A Digital Era

Since the dawn of the new millennium businesses are experiencing significant changes in the evolving technology environment

Published on 06-Dec-2017

5 Steps to Start Your Multi-Cloud Journey

Over the last 2-3 years with the proliferation of digital media and SaaS based technology it has been rather difficult for IT teams

Published on 26-Nov-2017

Netmagic scales up services with multi-cloud offerings

Says NTT backing has made it easier to undertake investment heavy projects Data centre services provider Netmagic is expanding its service portfolio with a range of cloud offerings to position itself as a one-stop cloud solution provider.

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