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Published on 10-Aug-2020

India's datacenter markets soar to the clouds

India is undergoing an impressive growth spurt. The country is growing at 23% CAGR (2017-2022) due to increased demand from global cloud providers and a proposed data sovereignty law by the Indian government, as well as less-than-ideal market conditions that have been playing elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region.

Published on 10-Aug-2020

In India the IT industry has created more opportunities for women than any other industry: Seema Ambastha NTT-Netmagic

Hard work and dedication have helped Seema Ambasta, SVP – India & Global Business– NTT-Netmagic rise above many of her male counterparts over the course of the last 30 years and today she has a place in the company board. In an interview with Express Computer, she describes some of the key challenges that she has faced in her illustrious career, and how she has managed to carve her own niche in the competitive IT industry

Published on 04-Aug-2020

Geared up for Demand

Salute to the Ultimate 120 with the Power of Change

Published on 26-Jul-2020

Preparing for unseen disasters: Best practices for emergency preparedness

In the process, this black swan event has completely altered our way of thinking and has forced organizations to bring about a change in the way they function.

Published on 24-Jul-2020

Its Raining Big Offers for Cloud Technology Talent

Large technology companies such as Amazon, TCS, Accenture and NTT-Netmagic, and banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) firms are offering up to 30% pay hike for roles such as cloud infrastructure engineers and chief information security officers as cloud migration picks up pace across sectors, staffing firm executives said.

Published on 21-Jul-2020

Loot in the time of a virus: Fearware attacks spike as online scamsters prey on pandemic panic

Data breaches and phishing attacks are nothing new. But the widespread adoption of digital payments and the work-from-home culture during the pandemic has opened up a new battlefront in cybersecurity. Thwarting cyberattacks when the world is gripped by panic makes the fightback even more challenging. Is India prepared?

Published on 02-Jul-2020

Computing growth trajectory

NTT-Netmagic has emerged as a leading player in the Indian ICT market.


NTT-Netmagic, a leading managed hosting and multi-cloud hybrid IT solutions provider, has witnessed a big surge in demand for its services in the Covid-19 hit market, where enterprises across sectors have increasingly adopted remote working processes.

Published on 17-Jun-2020

How Should IT Folks Use Their WFH Time: NTT Netmagic

Virtual meetings and other Work From Home rituals have coaxed people working in the IT space to specifically adjust themselves with the advances of technology, as per the industry demands

Published on 17-Jun-2020

Why 2020 will be a watershed year for automation

While the need for automation has always been necessary, the Covid 19 pandemic has forced organizations to step on the accelerator. In a recent report, titled, ‘Covid-19 – Tipping Point for Automation’, Nasscom, has said that the Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the development of automation technologies by global and Indian companies.

Published on 01-Jun-2020

NTT-Netmagics first solar plant to operate as India lockdown eases

NEW DELHI, NNA - In its commitment to adopt green energy, data center company NTT-Netmagic (Netmagic) is set to launch operations at its first captive solar power plant in India as demand for power is growing rapidly in tandem with its business.

Published on 01-Jun-2020

Trends in Datacentre

Nitin Mishra, Senior EVP & Chief Product Officer, Ntt-Netmagic, is responsible for cloud and datacentre services of NTT_Netmagic. He also looks over the Security aspects. Here, he discusses some trends of datacentre operations in 2020

Published on 07-May-2020

Treading with caution: India Inc. still wary of resuming work from office

As India Inc. prepares for offices to open post the lockdown, employees expect their employers to take responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe environment for them. How ready are they and what are some of the challenges in their way? Here are some pain points that every HR leader today is struggling with.

Published on 06-May-2020

Priority for IT and ITes Companies is to Safeguard Employees and Stakeholders

As IT and ITes companies have been allowed to resume operations during Lockdown 3.0, employee wellbeing and servicing clients hold the topmost priority

Published on 29-Apr-2020

Best practices in Business Continuity Planning: Now and for the future

Disasters are a common phenomena, and every organisation must have adequate plans and processes to ensure sustained business continuity

Published on 22-Apr-2020

This is a chance to really bring tech into processes: NTT India exec

Organisations can become more flexible by infusing cutting-edge technologies into their processes. In addition to remote working, companies can also increase automation, says Sharad Sanghi, CEO — Global Data Centres and Cloud Infrastructure (India) at NTT Ltd

Published on 06-Apr-2020

NTT Ltd bets big on innovations sees huge growth coming from India

Fueled by a fast rising market for data consumption, NTT Ltd is bullish on huge growth coming in from multiple quarters. This can be seen from the launch of Global Data Centers division of NTT Ltd. in India, led by industry veteran, Sharad Sanghi.

Published on 01-Apr-2020

Work and entertainment at home lift demand for data centres

One week into the 21-day nationwide lockdown imposed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, data centres have seen demand for internet bandwidth surge as people either work from home or resort to video streaming for entertainment.

Published on 31-Mar-2020

Data centre providers get viral boost as more people work from home

Data centre providers in the country are seeing increased demand in the ongoing lockdown as more and more people work from home. And, say they are prepared to handle the load comfortably for the near future.

Published on 27-Mar-2020

India under lockdown: Jobs and salaries safe despite disruption companies tell staff

Leading companies in India are proactively assuring employees that they will be taken care of financially while the lockdown continues or even if it gets extended.

Published on 24-Mar-2020

Top marketing trends to help grow your digital business

Customer Experience is the most defining trend, and every organization is investing huge amounts of money to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. 

Published on 20-Mar-2020

Top 5 Simple Ways to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Most of the world’s most notorious hacks have happened due to clever phishing attacks. We list down five simple techniques to avoid phishing attacks

Published on 17-Feb-2020

Why Cloud Colocation is the perfect pair for your business

The real opportunity for organizations lies in creating synergy between colocation and cloud. Using colocation and cloud together in the right mix, for the right workload can help organizations achieve a true hybrid infrastructure

Published on 03-Feb-2020

7 Key Cloud Computing Trends That Will Shape Enterprise Computing In 2020

In 2020, expect cloud computing to dominate the market, as it will continue to be the platform for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet-of-Things

Published on 02-Feb-2020

Data localization helped global firms expand rapidly in India: NTTs Sanghi

NTT, which will be investing over $7 billion in the new divisions, will allocate a significant part of the investment to the Indian business, says Sharad Sanghi, CEO, global data centres and cloud infrastructure (India)

Published on 22-Jan-2020

NTT to invest estimated USD 1.5 bln in data centres in India

Mumbai, Jan 22 (PTI) Japanese tech major NTT on Wednesday said a significant part of its USD 7 billion global commitment for data centres business would be spent in India over the next four years.

Published on 17-Jan-2020

Top 7 emerging hybrid cloud computing trends to watch in 2020

From the rise of hybrid multicloud to increased use of edge computing and hyperconverged infrastructure in hybrid cloud strategies, 2020 will witness several dominating trends that will shape the future of hybrid cloud

Published on 14-Jan-2020

How managed data centers are the foundation for the hybrid IT environment

As data centers grow in scale and complexity, more and more enterprises are preferring managed data centers to maximize their potential and availability


In a fast-changing digital world, hybrid cloud has become an extremely popular option as it gives enterprises the ability to gain the best of both worlds–on-premise and public cloud. This model uses both on-premise and public cloud models to store data and applications, while simultaneously allowing organizations to take advantage of new opportunities at a lesser cost. As more choice is offered to enterprises by multiple cloud providers, hybrid cloud adoption is expected to increase further. Research firm, Gartner, for instance, predicts that by 2020, 75% of organizations will have deployed a multicloud or hybrid cloud model.