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  • SD-WAN solution by NTT and Cisco

Performance. Control. Security

Your IT environment is constantly evolving, becoming more complex, hybrid and multi-cloud. And network teams are increasingly stretched to deliver a seamless experience with reliable performance. But more importantly, a secure one.

Is your network infrastructure ready to meet the dynamic connectivity demands of your business?

A software-defined network gives you the ability to securely connect your offices and remote users to applications. Whether they are hosted in on-premise, hybrid, or multi-cloud data centers, it lets you make the most of these platforms for your existing and new application workloads, as you successfully drive business outcomes.

Our Managed Network Service for Cisco SD-WAN gives you freedom from complexity, and ease of management. So, you gain from greater control, higher security, and scalability, with the ability to abstract network components and dynamically reallocate network resources. Read how you can experience consistent service levels and high availability with SD-WAN.



Boost your cloud performance with SD-WAN

Is your network geared for today’s evolving business demands? SD-WAN can help you prepare for the future




Transform your WAN today, with high performance, agility and secure connectivity. Read how our flexible engagement models and complete lifecycle services support you at every stage in your transformation journey.


NTT and Cisco helping retailers create better omnichannel customer experiences with SD-WAN

The SD-WAN advantage to your cloud platform


  • You can optimize and maintain a predictable cloud and on-premise application performance with real-time visibility, analytics and control over path selection.

High security

  • Our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture provides a highly secure cloud and edge connectivity enabling you a smooth transition to next generation WAN.


  • Our centralized cloud management makes it easy for you to deploy SD-WAN and security

Flexibility of choice

  • You have the flexibility to connect, using any underlay (MPLS, Internet, 4G/5G) across your cloud platform.

Why Managed SD-WAN

While most enterprises adopt a cloud-first approach, a cookie-cutter solution will not address the challenges unique to your network infrastructure or capitalise on its unique advantages. The support of a partner with global expertise and deep understanding of the Indian enterprise will help you ensure the outcomes you seek with your WAN transformation.

With our SD-WAN connectivity solutions you have freedom to prioritize your network traffic and perform at a higher level of consistency, delivering accelerated agility and flexibility from your network infrastructure. Backed by the ease of centralized management, you can optimise your TCO and performance efficiency.


Secure SD-WAN with SASE

As organisations balance remote and hybrid working models, it adds to the security demands on your complex infrastructure. With Secure Access Service Edge we help secure your networking functions, while enhancing your network agility and speed at the same time. Wherever you are.

With the combined strengths of NTT and Cisco, you can deploy and experience the speed of SD-WAN and the reliability of our Cloud Security with a Zero Trust Network Access model.


The power of NTT and Cisco

Cisco Software-Defined WAN makes it easier to connect to multi-cloud environments, improve application user experience and enhance overall security. As one of Cisco’s most decorated and long-standing partners, we have the global reach, skills, and experience needed to design, install and manage your network from end-to-end.

Key Features

sd wan provider

28 years

of partnership

A gold partner in 5 regions

A gold partner

in all 5 regions

Cisco certifications

5,000 Cisco Certifications

including Devnet Automation

Maters specialisation

10 Masters Specialisation

categories (44 certifications)

Joint go-to-market teams

Joint go-to-market teams

spanning Cisco’s end-to-end technology, services and software portfolio

Co-innovation agreement
Co-innovation agreement

focused on 5G, Internet of Things and blockchain

Easy Deployment. Easy Migration

A properly implemented SD-WAN infrastructure can give your organization valuable insights and a better control over applications. With a robust edge-to-edge security and improved user performance.

To help you on your SD-WAN journey, we have put together a guide to enable a smooth SD-WAN network implementation.

Why NTT Ltd for SD WAN managed services

Top tier-1 network
Top tier-1 network

NTT has the world’s largest SD-WAN and VPN footprint covering over 190 countries/regions.

Networking Expertise
Networking expertise

An extensive track record of designing, integrating, supporting, and managing multivendor enterprise networks.

Financial stability
Financial stability

We're an integral part of NTT Ltd. - a leading global technology services company.

Deep investment
Deep investment

We invest in innovative solutions and groundbreaking service development.


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