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Channel Partner Program - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions  


Channel Partner Program - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


These Frequently Asked Questions have been designed to give you a quick understanding of the program elements and changes to the partner requirements and benefits.

Learn more about the benefits and technical support features of the Netmagic Partner Program:

This page will be updated as program enhancements are made. This should be used to assist you with understanding the program at a high level. Additional partner deliverables are available that provide detailed understanding of the program. If you require information on how to obtain the additional deliverables or if you have questions, please contact your Netmagic Channel Account Manager (CAM).


  • Program Overview

    What is the Netmagic Partner Program?

    The Netmagic Partner Program is the marketing and sales enablement program designed to meet the needs of our Partners in supporting end-user customers. It is a flexible, program providing Partner benefits based on their level of attainment of designated criteria. There is an extensive range of benefits, such as marketing development funds, incentives, co-marketing tools, training and certification offerings, lead generation support, etc., that help to enhance profitability and business growth.

    How does the Netmagic Partner Program work?

    Our tiered program rewards Partners based on their level of investment and participation. Two Partner designations provide flexibility, so as a Partner's business expands, they can move through the levels gaining further benefits.
    1)Select Partner is the entry level, requiring minimal achievement of designated criteria. Elite Partner is the highest level, requiring the greatest level of achievement of designated criteria, and is awarded based on performance achievement and focused level of commitment.
    Achieving the Select Partner or Elite Partner designations distinguishes the Partner as a leader that has invested in additional capabilities and skills to help businesses manage their Managed IT Hosting needs.

    Is there a fee to join the program?

    No. All functions of the Netmagic Program are free, but consideration for selected benefits is determined by approved Partner level designations.

  • Program Benefits

    What are the benefits of a Select Partner and Elite Partner?

    There are four major benefit categories of the Netmagic Partner Program. They are:
    1)Coverage & Account Management Support
    2)Growth & Profitability

    Why should a Partner join the Netmagic Partner Program?

    Managed IT Hosting Services is one of the fastest growing segment in the IT Industry. Netmagic is the India’s leading pureplay Managed IT Hosting Services company and is the industry leader in Cloud Computing Services (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). By partnering with Netmagic you can provide best-of-breed hosting solutions to your customers and ensure peace of mind. By joining the Netmagic Partner Program you will get access to free training and sales tools to support you as we grow our business together.

    What type of marketing support will I receive in the program?

    All enrolled Partners will have access to our Partner portal for sales and marketing support. The ElitePartner will be eligible for consideration of Marketing Development Funds based on the criteria outlined in our Marketing Development Fund Program Guidelines document.

  • Program Requirements

    Who determines what level a Partner firm will be designated to participate in the Netmagic Partner Program?

    The Partner firm first determines what level of investment they want to make to achieve the designated level. They should then work with the appropriate Netmagic Channel Account Manager to ensure that the required criteria are attained. Netmagic will then determine what level has been achieved and will verify to the Partner. Netmagic reserves the right to make final determination of level designation and corresponding benefits provided. Select Partner and Elite Partner status is by invitation at the sole discretion of Netmagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    What level of the Netmagic Partner Program is right for me?

    Each Partner firm needs to determine what level of investment they want to make in order to achieve one of the three designated levels of the Netmagic Partner Program. Requirements for each of the three levels are determined by product / services.

    What are the requirements for a Partner to become a Select Partner or Elite Partner?

    A partner who wants to be a Select Partner or Elite Partner should choose which product/services area to develop as a speciality. Product/service areas include IDC & Managed Hosting, Cloud Computing, Messaging & Collaboration, Managed Security Services, Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure Management . One of the partner's sales people should be nominated to complete the mandatory training. Netmagic channel account managers will work with you to actively engage your customers and assist you to develop sales opportunities.
    Register to become a Partner at Partner Registration Page. Please note that membership of the program is at the sole discretion of Netmagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    What should a partner do who wishes to sell Netmagic products/services?

    Netmagic products/services can be purchased directly from Netmagic Solutions by your customers and you can enjoy the benefits of the partner program. Partners who join the Netmagic Partner program will get access to sales tools, free training and information to help them increase their sales of Netmagic products and services.

    Will new Partners automatically receive Select Partner/Elite Partner status?

    Partners who meet the relevant criteria may be invited to join the program as a Select Partner or Elite Partner status is awarded by the focused commitment and performance achievement. Select Partner and Elite Partner status is by invitation at the sole discretion of Netmagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    How long do I stay at a specific level?

    Annual qualification is required for Select Partner and Elite Partner levels. Membership status is for a full calendar year. Annual certification is not required for Select Partners.

    How will Partners be branded while they are pursuing a Partner designation?

    Partners that have completed the application process, have executed a contract, and are pending a Partner designation will be in a provisional status.

    What Managed IT Hosting products/services can I choose to specialize in?

    Select Partners and Elite Partners can specialize in IDC & Managed IT Hosting, Infrastructure Management, Messaging & Collaboration, Cloud Computing, Managed Security and Disaster Recovery. Each specialization will require the partner to have trained one sales person at least.

    How is my assigned territory protected from resellers who are not trained?

    Select Partners and Elite Partners receive benefits over other partners including margin enhancement deal protection. Margin enhancement provides additional margin to reflect the increased investment that Select Partners and Elite Partners have made selling Netmagic products. Deal protection means that Netmagic will work exclusively with Select Partners and Elite Partners to close deals that they have identified. Conditions apply to these programs.