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Pre-Provisioned Servers
Go-Live in 24 hours  


Pre-Provisioned Servers

Go-Live in 24 hours



Your IT systems always run the risk of coming under sudden performance pressure due to a wide variety of environmental factors like unexpected spikes in business, high volume transactions and utilization management issues. In many cases, even an extra day taken to provision additional servers may mean a significant loss of revenue.

This is where Netmagic’s can support your needs with near-real time access to additional server power through pre-provisioned servers that are ready to be deployed at our data center.



  • Go live within 24 hours of receipt of signed Sales Order Form (SOF) at Netmagic delivery point
  • Pre-provisioned servers come with shared firewall option by default; dedicated firewall option available
  • Easily upgrade and expand your server’s internal storage
  • Shared storage options for multiple servers are available within the same chassis
  • Servers work in low-latency environment. You get only the newest and best enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • Network Operations Center team expertise and support is available 24/7 for maintenance and monitoring tasks