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Private Cloud
Scalable Private Cloud for your Business  

Managed Private Cloud

End-to-end managed services for your complete private cloud journey


For clients who are looking to an alternative to Public cloud, NTT-Netmagic also offers a Private Cloud option that offers the following advantages:

1. Full Control and View of the IT infrastructure via a web based console
2. A Secure and Compiant environmnet that is completely aligned with organizational security and data governance policies
3. Reliable end to end managed service with strong SLA

NTT-Netmagic offers a private cloud solution that leverages the investment and technology of our own private cloud solution called Simplicloud NTT-Netmagic guarantees a highly structured approach to your private cloud design and development. Our private cloud implementation services take into consideration both your current and future business needs to scale through hybrid IT or virtual private cloud (SimpliVPC) environments. We offer end-to-end managed dedicated private cloud environment, which can be customized to meet client requirements


Our Solution



Agile & Fast
Private Cloud is an architecture driven Cloud service delivering dedicated pool of compute and storage resources powered by SDN and leveraged using a self service portal

High Performance Low Cost
Private Cloud is a style of computing emerging for leveraging the unique features of a private cloud on a public cloud type of cost benefit

Hybrid and integrated
Private Cloud is a true integrated Hybrid Cloud architecture and is able to leverage multiple services on a common service bus

Why Private Cloud

Flexible licensing options (Microsoft, VMware, RedHat, Suse Stack)

Multiple Hosting Options (Standalone / Virtual /Cloud)

Connectivity to complete suite of pay-as-use services, viz. backup, security, storage

Complete monitoring and tracking of system usage


Services we offer


Dedicated Private cloud

Scaling up with NTT-Netmagic Private Cloud

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HCI (SimpliHCI)

Private cloud with a ready connectivity for a Hybrid Cloud

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Effectively manages all available data types

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Managed Storage Services

Scalable & comprehensive range of data storage services

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What you can do with it?


Provision Virtual Machines in real time

Provision Network in real time

Monitor your VM resources from anywhere

Deploy Cloud Servers and applications instantly

Scale vertically and Horizontal Auto-scaling

Significantly lower datacenter costs




Committed Performance

  • Dedicated Compute & Storage Resources
  • Committed Performance
  • Ideal for Consolidation of Intensive Workloads/ERP


  • Self Service Portal
  • Instant Custom Self Provisioning
  • Optimization/Faster Time to Market


  • Custom Templates/Multiple Storage Tiers/Ready Public Cloud Integration
  • Workload Optimization
  • Better TCO

Software Defined Networking Using ACI

  • One touch network provisioning/Traffic optimization
  • Reduced NS Traffic
  • Faster Provisioning


  • Application Centric Policy provisioning
  • No Deviation/Quicker replication
  • Compliance


  • Skilled Resources
  • 10+ Years of Proven Cloud Services
  • Netmagic SLAs