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On-demand virtual machines and compute resources  



On-demand virtual machines and compute resources



SimpliCompute helps you scale your computing power in the cloud through a highly configurable virtual environment. By using state-of-the-art VMWare technology, coupled with best-of-breed server, network and storage infrastructure from leading technology vendors, SimpliCompute consistently exceeds global SLA norms for enterprise IT requirements.

The SimpliCompute service comes with a sophisticated utility computing billing system that help you track, measure and optimize the exact amount of resources you consume, in real-time.



Virtualized Environment

SimpliCompute allows you to add powerful computing resources to your website and applications on-the fly. Each application gets its own virtual environment in which it can be configured and controlled at a granular level.



Netmagic SimpliCloud API (Application Programming Interface), a set of source code based specifications, which can be used as an interface by your application or software components to communicate with your contract Netmagic SimpliCompute Virtual Machines.


Analytics & Reporting

You get single view of your entire system performance. Netmagic provides a comprehensive analytics and reporting platform that gives you information for your instances, CPU performance, memory, transactions and network performance.


Industry Leading SLAs

Our industry leading SLAs are backed by service credits and are delivered by an extensive technical support team. Support is just a call away.

Why SimpliCloud is preferred by Enterprises?

Netmagic offers an extensive range of architecture, deployment and management services for public, private, hosted or virtual private cloud for different applications, as required.