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SimpliCompute : API
On-demand virtual machines and computing resources  

To make your public cloud computing experience flexible and customizable, we give you the Netmagic SimpliCloud API (Application Programming Interface), a set of source code based specifications, which can be used as an interface by your application or software components to communicate with your contract Netmagic SimpliCompute Virtual Machines.


Cloud Control
Complete Instance operations’ set comprising of controls to create a VM, start a VM, stop a VM, reboot a VM, reconfigure a VM, pause a VM or destroy a VM.
Cloud Firewall Services
SimpliNet Virtual Firewall Appliance management APIs like insert / update / delete Firewall rules.


Cloud Balancer Services
SimpliNet Virtual Load Balancer management APIs like getting VRRP binding, SSL certificate list, creating / configuring VLB Instances.
Cloud Instance
Network operations APIs like creating network storage APIs, get / add / update dial-up forms / users and task APIs.


Cloud Network Solutions
Get list of Instances and get details of individual Instances
Cloud Reporting
Transaction reporting APIs to add / update / delete a role or check credit points and add credit points APIs.


Cloud Analytics
Get analytics like disk data, CPU data or network data.



Apart from above features, documentation will give you complete clarity on Response Codes which allows you for better exception handling in your application.


List of APIs

API Title API Heading
  • List of servers
  • Get Individual Servers Details
Server Operations
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Reboot
  • Pause
  • Destroy Server
  • Create VM
  • Reconfigure VM
Firewall Manage Functions
  • Get Firewall Rules
  • Create Firewall
  • Get IP Addresses of VM under Firewall
  • Add or Update Firewall Rule
  • Delete Firewall Rule
Load Balancer Manage Functions
  • Get VRRP Binding IP
  • Get Front End Names List
  • Delete Front End
  • Get SSL Certificate List
  • Get Load Balancer Front End Details
  • Create Load Balancer
Get Memory Data
  • Get Disk Data
  • Get Network data
  • Get CPU data
List Plans
  • Use Filter for Only Windows Plans
  • Use Filter for Firewall Plans Only
  • Use Filter for Storage Plans Only
  • Use Filter for Linux Plans Only
  • Use Filter for Load Balancer Plans Only
  • Use Filter for Particular Plan
  • Create Network Storage
  • Get Dial-up users
  • Update Dial-up Form
  • Get Dial-up Form
  • Add Dial-up Form
  • Delete Dial-up Form
  • Tasks API
Transactions Reporting API
  • Add Role
  • Delete Role API
  • Add Credit Point
  • Update Role API
  • Check CreditPoint
  • MyNetmagic Login

Note: exhaustive list of error codes, mapped with text description available for ready reference.