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Software-Defined WAN Services
Making enterprise networks Scalable, Agile and Secure


  Making enterprise networks Scalable, Agile and Secure


Simply put, SD-WAN, or Software-Defined WAN, is the concept of using software-based controllers on top of existing WAN architecture, to access better bandwidth, optimize traffic and dramatically improve network performance. SD-WAN technology enables organizations to abstract all network components, dynamically reallocate network resources and use software defined policies to manage network traffic. SD-WAN effectively takes your WAN to a significantly higher level of speed, consistency and control.

NTT-Netmagic India SD-WAN Services


NTT-Netmagic India SD-WAN brings forth the next-generation WAN connectivity solution for Indian enterprises in today’s cloud centric environment where agility, flexibility and ease of management of entire network from a single user interface are paramount, and all this is delivered by reducing the overall TCO of the entire network.

SD-WAN enables the broader goal of enterprises connecting users to applications in a cost-efficient WAN topology. It is independent of the type of network – wireless, wireline networks or the public internet – or, whether the applications are hosted in data centers or on public cloud. This will also help enterprises’ branch offices to route traffic to the internet where a more expensive MPLS line is not necessary.

In addition to SD-WAN technology, Netmagic offers a comprehensive framework for SD-WAN implementation that is tailored to Indian business needs around data security, last-mile-connectivity and performance monitoring.

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Changing Network Landscape


The cloud is the network

30-50% of large enterprise traffic is shifting to the cloud, changing traffic flows and making the traditional WAN suboptimal (Gartner)

Enterprise apps move to the cloud

80% of new applications will be deployed in the cloud by 2030 (IDC)

Bandwidth requirements rise

20% increase in enterprise WAN bandwidth per year at branch; network traffic doubling every three years (IDC)

Infrastructure refresh is coming

40% of WAN edge infrastructure refresh initiatives will be based on vCPE or SD-WAN by 2018 (Gartner)

Bring your own link

Enterprise-scale SD-WAN should provide transport independence (MPLS/Internet/4G) and any combination of service providers (Doyle Research)

Security is top priority

Security remains #1 top network challenge for large enterprises (ZK Research)


Flexible: Provides application visibility – What is running on the network? Simple interface that is easy to configure and manage. Swiftly build virtualised network functions ¢ralised configuration.

Secure: Ability to support VPNs, and third party NFV services. Multi-tenancy and Seamless Cloud connect. Both cloud-based security and centralised management to minimise.

Automated: Ability to do dynamic path selection, for load sharing and resiliency purposes. Zero-touch-provisioning for remote locations with little or no onsite technical presence.

Seamless: Client Portal for Provisioning and NW configuration with Dashboard. Rapidly Deployable and Scalable WAN Solution. Self-managed and controlled QOS per application.


How Our SD-WAN Services Benefit Enterprises


Cost Advantage Using Managed Services

NTT-Netmagic India provides complete network management with a single, standard Managed Service SLA across all nodes and components. For globally distributed organizations, this provides significant flexibility to build greater operational scalability and agility without making additional time and resource allocations. Even over a small time frame of a two to three years, the cost benefits of using a managed service approach to SD-WAN are significant.

Flexible Provisioning and Allocation

Since all network components are software defined, organizations can dynamically provision (or, de-provision) and allocate (or, de-allocate) network resources and specialized services such as firewalls, VPNs and user-controls. Netmagic also provides public cloud services that integrate seamlessly with its SD-WAN offerings, to provide rapid scalability and cloud-bursting capabilities.


Unified Governance of all Network Resources

Whether on-premise or cloud-based, Netmagic’s SD-WAN solution gives you a centralized interface (including dashboards and monitoring tools) to get a single, consolidated view of network performance. This is particularly beneficial to organizations that are expanding their networks very quickly and need to manage highly variable loads.

Compatibility with Existing WAN Infrastructure

NTT-Netmagic India provides configurable SD-WAN technology that is generally compatible with existing network components. This allows organizations to reuse their existing WAN infrastructure (such as MPLS devices, routers). Since there is minimal need to upgrade current infrastructure, our SD-WAN service becomes simpler, faster and more cost-effective to implement and manage.


NTT SDWAN: Edge for Your Business


Get more capacity for your money

  • Build Underlay Over Economical Links like Internet and Broadband
  • Make Use of All Network Capacity
  • Reduce the dependency on your incumbent WAN Providers

Improve network performance

  • Reduce latency to SaaS application by using Internet Breakout at Branch Locations
  • Make use of QoS features to Make Routing Decision based on application KPI

Enhance your security posture

  • Automatically Encrypt Site to Site by AES 256
  • Provide Network Wide Segmentation to Provide sensitive Connections
  • Built in L2-L4 Firewall Features at Branch CPE

Makes changes faster

  • Built New Branch Connectivity and Manage them by NTT SDWAN Portal with built in Automation Features
  • New Sites Can be installed rolled out faster

Our SD-WAN Service Grades

IT Services for your mission critical infrastructure

NFV (Service Chaining)      
L2 VPN    
Hybrid Cloud Connect    
High Availability  
Quality of Service
Zero Touch Provisioning