What’s your defense strategy for the digital era?

Intelligent and contextual next-generation managed security solutions

Business-driven Managed Security solutions

Increased adoption of digital has redefined the cybersecurity landscape. Cybercrime is now a multi-billion dollar industry and cybercriminals are growing increasingly empowered and creative. To deal with these headwinds, your company’s security posture needs to be strong and agile. It needs to be sensitive and aligned to your business goals. This takes a specialized combination of skills, acumen and technology, needing extensive investments and frequent upgradation. We take care of your security, while you take care of your business.

Detect. Respond. Protect

Our 2,000+ global security experts have analysed and mitigated billions of security threats over the years. Using the latest techniques and tools, we help clients stay one step ahead of cyber vulnerabilities.

Advanced technologies, like AI, analytics and automation, help us develop and execute a dynamic cyber threat response strategy across organizations. Multi-tenant security solution architecture distributes costs across a wider user base, helping to deliver the latest, new-age security solutions at a competitive price-point.

We are a leading global data center service provider who offers innovative and secure colocation, managed and cloud services in India.

Move your security ecosystem up the value chain

Our service offerings

Managed Detection and Response

Get on-time intelligence to improve your ability to identify, measure, manage and mitigate information security risks.

Network Security

Secure your sensitive digital assets, confidential data and intellectual property from cyber threats and attacks.

Digital Assets Risk Management

Advanced tools, processes and automation technologies to identify, assess and mitigate risks to your key assets

Professional Services

Evaluate, fortify and monitor your security posture through our certified professionals and improve compliance to 100%.

Zero Trust Solutions

Contextual and automated security solutions built on UEBA foundation to enhance controlled access to enterprise premises

Use Cases

We provide Managed Detection and Response (MDR) cyber security solutions through various use cases to achieve confidentiality, integrity and availability, which are primary goals of security controls for businesses.

24X7 security alert detection and monitoring

Our SOC analysts use industry leading AI/ML tools to continuously monitor security data ingested from varied organizational sources. We also provide detection capabilities to identify and react on security threats and risks.

24X7 security incident response

Incidents are inevitable. Our 24X7 security services enable organizations to limit or contain security incidents to minimize impact.

Digital assets risk management

Today, external, intelligent contexts are needed to flag the rising number of unknown threats. Our darknet/deep web, application security reduces the impact of potential threats by implementing controls or countermeasures.

Cybersecurity posture assessment and validation

Know the efficacy of deployed security technologies, your quantifiable risk score, readiness to defend against cyber-attacks and cyber breach status. Assess your overall security posture and take corrective actions.

Zero-trust access control

Adopt a "verify first, trust later" zero-trust framework that allows organizations to enable access on "need-to¬know" or "least-privilege" basis, by creating a system of checks and balances.

24X7 security device management

Avail expert skill sets on security technologies to provide change, configuration, problem, performance and fault management as part of 24X7 device management service.

Reimagining the security landscape of tomorrow

Our services are augmented by an innovative, next-generation approach to security that offers more value and enhanced protection.

Value proposition

We have been able to extend true competitive advantage to our clients, time and again.

End-to-end service provider

Our comprehensive experience helps us understand cross-functional security issues

A global brand

We are part of the renowned NTT Group – a thought leader in managed services.

Modular choice of services

Clients can select the full range of services or only specific parts of the MDR capability.

Commercial flexibility

Usage models can be adjusted – from pay-per-use to long-term, optimized TCO.

Onsite, remote and hybrid delivery model

Allows delivery of custom services while retaining cost and delivery advantages of SSCs

Strategic partnerships

Partnerships with security OEMs provide strong technical solutioning advantage


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