Managed Detection

Managed Detection and Response

  • Augment your organizations security posture

Next-generation approach to cyber security

Our superior threat intelligence and analytics capabilities help to optimize your organization’s security posture. We leverage advanced technologies and service expertise to improve your ability to identify, measure, manage and mitigate information security risks. This involves enhanced focus on 24x7 monitoring and threat detection using advanced analytics, contextual threat intelligence and responsive strategic intervention. Rapid incident response and actionable remediation guidance are key aspects of our involvement.

Managed Detection and Response

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering is augmented by years of experience in Security Information and Event Management, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response, Threat Intelligence and Endpoint Protection. Our futuristic approach enhances traditional security monitoring, keeping your organization proactively safe from undetected and unwanted security breaches.

Our service offerings

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Enhance your security outlook with advanced threat detection and response

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Accelerate your response to security incidents and improve availability


Targeted and highly specific intelligence to improve your detection capabilities

Endpoint Detection and Response/Endpoint Protection Platform

Advanced endpoint protection on SaaS with automated response actions

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Enable real-time threat detection and response through our next-generation managed SIEM solution. We help manage security use cases – from basic compliance and advanced correlation rules to more complex end-to-end automated response. You get to choose from our OEMs and delivery options that are cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid.

Our cloud-based solution dismisses the need for hardware or software investments. SIEM infrastructure is also available to clients, and services can be contracted basis the events per second or log volume. Service is bundled with commercial threat intelligence, orchestration & automation, threat hunting and alerts are monitored by our 24x7 SOC that analyses them and recommends remedial methods. Our services have been instrumental in boosting the security outlook of clients across sectors.

Key highlights

Best of both

Own platform-based security services and on-premise solutions


SaaS-based pricing and easy deployment SLA driven service


A fully managed, customizable SIEM solution with 24x7 SOC support


Centralization, correlation, analysis and retention of event data to generate automated alerts


Achieve regulatory and compliance requirements and audit support.


Get a bird’s eye-view of the security landscape through integrity of log data and audit trails.

Optimized &
value-added TCO

Delivered through effortless deployment and efficient SOC support

24x7, continuous threat hunting

Real-time monitoring with proactive “hunts” to reduce risk, uncover malware, threats and incidents

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

We assist organizations looking for a mature SOC with SOAR capabilities that augment SIEM. Our SOAR services are a combination of three services: security orchestration and automation, security incident response platform and threat intelligence platform. This typically involves:

  • Automated processing of security information, event management/SIEM alerting and threat intelligence
  • Orchestration of elements of a workflow – data collections, approvals and audit-based markers
  • Added implementation or support of a response procedure or action

Key highlights

Reduce false positives, improve overall incident capability and reduce TATs.

Faster incident response

Delivered by automating repetitive manual tasks and custom, intuitive playbooks, with express countermeasures

Lower false positives

Automated SOC workflows with optimized playbooks improve analyst participation, and failover/cross-correlation capabilities

Enhanced visibility

On-time threat intel, vulnerability and malware management and ATT&CK framework mapping create an optimized security landscape

Threat Intelligence

Targeted attacks are taking on sophisticated forms. Organization-specific threat intelligence is required to ensure near-zero false positives, avoid critical information compromise and enhance security posture.

We offer threat intelligence as a service, where we provide specific and targeted intelligence to improve detection. We also offer expertise on enhancing preventive capabilities in your existing security products.

Key highlights

Advanced analytics

  • Predictive analytics deployed early in the
  • Trend analysis over time

Actionable intelligence

  • Identify your real weaknesses and reduce false positives
  • Augment threat-hunting and incident response

Deception technology

  • Customer-specific threat intelligence
  • Early intelligence with decoys and deception

Endpoint Detection and Response Services / Endpoint Protection Platform (EDR/EPP)

Our response to the challenges posed by the lack of next-generation antivirus tools in the market is the powerful “Secure-Host” solution. This is a SaaS-based advanced endpoint protection, with automated detection and response capabilities. This unique combination gives organizations the confidence to detect and prevent advanced targeted attacks. NGAV (next-generation antivirus) analyzes the behavior and threats on a single endpoint. Meanwhile EDR services consolidate the data across all endpoints to provide a complete picture of potential advanced threats and improve SOC detection and response capabilities. Advanced decoy and deception capabilities are a core component of our defense strategy, functioning to lure, detect and defend against potential attacks in real-time, using powerful emerging technologies.

Key highlights

Combination of NGAV and EDR

AI solution to detect zero-day exploits; understand complex alerts with MITRE-based detection

Patented kernel-based protection

Protects from malicious executables written to disk and file-less attacks

Automated response actions

Response by containment, remediation and forensics through investigation or RCA

Pre and post-infection protection

Includes the ability to defuse threats in real-time

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We invest in innovative solutions and groundbreaking service development.


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