Network Security

Solutions to safeguard the integrity and usability of enterprise networks

Build fail-safe and secure networks

Our Network Security services keep your digital assets and intellectual property safe from external threats and manipulations. We deliver this to you through a combination of industry-leading tools and technologies, years of domain expertise, and deep investments in innovation and research. Our intervention is exactly what your organization needs to mitigate risks and avoid devastating loss of sensitive and competitive information.

Intelligent Network Security solutions

We offer a complete suite of services to proactively protect and defend your network. This includes next-generation managed firewall, intrusion protection, and network flows.

Our service offerings

Next-generation Firewall

Optimize your network security while lowering TCO


Proactively detect and respond to cyber attacks

Network Flows

Get holistic view of your organization’s security posture

Next-generation Firewalls

Our next-generation managed firewall service is an intelligent and integrated offering of appliance hosting and management. We deliver an optimal level of network security throughout the asset life-cycle, enabling organizations to enhance their end-to-end security posture, while lowering TCO. We also support an extensive range of firewall OEMs.

Key features

Complete suite of services

  • Dedicated and virtual firewall options
  • End-to-end spectrum, from installation to assessment and defense
  • High availability and load-balancing features

24X7 support

  • Facilities monitoring, including security event and appliance health
  • System administration, updates, patches and hotfixes
  • Change and configuration management
  • Fault management through troubleshooting, problem identification, RCA

Intelligent security

  • Unified portal for device management
  • Real-time portal-based analytics and reporting
  • Ability to provision devices, make upgrades and modify policies

Flexible and scalable

  • Wide range of deployment options
  • Highly configurable and supports a wide range of appliances and devices
  • Scalable to meet future security needs

DDoS Protection

We offer a robust and scalable DDoS mitigation service, backed by industry-leading SLAs, as a powerful strategy to counter threats and attacks on your IT infrastructure. Managed DDoS Protection service detects and surgically mitigates DDoS attack on traffic targeted towards clients. Service delivery is available through three models: Netmagic Perimeter (MitiDDoS), On-Premise and Cloud.

Key features

True SaaS solution

  • Security as a Service available in pay-per- use models
  • Available as MitiDDoS, on-premise or cloud variants

High stability

  • Protection from high volume attacks
  • Increased service, network and application availability

Benchmarked processes

  • Industry-leading SLAs identify and blacklist malicious IPs on time
  • A team of expert security professionals handle attack events

Network Flows Monitoring

Network flow data is a valuable asset for the SOC team, providing them with comprehensive analytical information on security incidents.

Flow analysis is provided as part of our comprehensive SOC services that enable the collection, storage and analysis of network flow data in a variety of formats, to provide a complete and accurate view of your organization’s security posture.

Key features

Visibility and compliance

  • Provides layer-7 application visibility, along with SIEM and bundling services
  • Visibility on compliance with policy and regulatory mandates via deep analysis

Detection of activity

  • Detection of malware activity based on behavior profiling
  • Anomaly detection across all network traffic

Monitoring and analysis

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of unauthorized traffic
  • Advanced incident analysis via correlation of flow data with log data

Why NTT-Netmagic ?

Extensive global track record

NTT security specialists mitigate billions of security threats every year.

Superior customer experience

Access to comprehensive analytics, service delivery and process development

Financial stability

We're an integral part of a NTT Ltd. - a leading global technology services company.


We invest in innovative solutions and groundbreaking service development.


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