Professional Services

  • Expert intervention to evaluate and strengthen your security outlook

Identifying, analysing and assessing IT security risks

Our Audit and Assessment Services take an all-inclusive approach to review, evaluate, and manage the security impact of new risks. Our security specialists leverage global innovations across the landscape at cyber security companies to help align your security strategy to your business goals. As an MSSP, we design and build the next-generation enterprise security architecture, covering the entire security lifecycle. Partnering with us empowers you to visualize and execute successful security programs in the digital age.

How do we help?

We help in analyzing and managing global and local security risks through our end-to-end consulting, audit and assessment services. Our comprehensive services comprise vulnerability assessments, firewall security, compromise assessment, risk management, high-impact red teaming and actionable insights from a threat intelligence portal.

Our Cyber Security services


Comprehensive and cost-effective VAPT


Regular audits to boost firewall security


Assess and identify malware or cyber threats


Know the efficacy of your defences

Cyber Risk

Objectively quantify your cyber security maturity

Forensics/Malware Analysis

Use multiple tools and technologies to perform analytics

Vulnerability Assessments
and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Get high-quality network and web application audit services using a seamlessly integrated automated and manual testing workflow. Conduct comprehensive, regular VAPT in a cost-effective manner. Detect attack paths and insights missed out in traditional testing and devise solutions through in-depth reports.

Key features

Enhanced visibility

  • Get detailed visibility of potential threats
  • Identify programming errors that lead to compromise

Safeguard from risks

  • Secure applications and data from malicious attacks
  • Protect from loss of reputation

Firewall Assurance

Keep firewalls secure and policy-compliant through regular audits. Get comprehensive automation of firewall management tasks across different vendors and complex rulesets. Give your IT teams power to radically boost firewall security, take advantage of next-generation security features, and free their time for core tasks.

Key features

Scalability at optimal costs

  • Optimize TCO using true multi-tenant SaaS model
  • Easily scale up and down the number of firewalls to be analysed

High visibility

  • Increase visibility of network and firewall environment
  • Discover and remediate failures and security breaches
  • Check for misconfigurations and conflicting rules

Accelerated TAT

  • Check for misconfigurations and conflicting rules
  • Stay compliant to industry and internal regulations

Compromise Assessment

Conduct a thorough analysis of your business network to identify malware or cyber actors. Accelerate the detection of malware, indicators of compromise, and artifacts of unauthorized activity using threat hunting and external threat intelligence. Perform early assessment of the threat, risks, and scope of the intrusion through detailed reports. Compromise Assessment, a key part of the service, tells clients if they have been breached in the past or are currently under breach.

Key features

Advanced capabilities

  • Guided, hands-on assessment
  • Advanced detection and threat intelligence
  • Enabling organizational leaders with decisions on business continuity and incident response

Heightened intelligence

  • Prioritized list of threats, alongside forensic and intelligence reports
  • Mapping with external threat intelligence identified via deep dive in darknet, open source and technical resources
  • Cyber kill chain mapping to identify the real picture of threat outcomes

Red Teaming

Evaluate your security posture from a 360-degree perspective: technology, people and physical assets. Get the real-world perspective of threat actors and their techniques. Demonstrate how attackers can combine seemingly unrelated exploits to achieve their goal. Assess your organization’s security posture, and its ability to safeguard assets against a persistent and motivated attack.

Key features

Safeguard against advanced threats

  • Identify the risk and susceptibility of attacks against key business information assets
  • Effectively simulate the Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) of genuine threat actors

Prevent sophisticated attacks

  • Detect, respond and prevent sophisticated and targeted threats
  • Engage with internal incident response and blue teams for mitigation and post-assessment

Cyber Risk Quantification

This service provides a cyber risk quantifiable score that integrates deep within the existing IT Infrastructure, processes and security tools deployed within an organization. Through real-time assessment of the end-to-end cyber security posture comprising 100% of the digital infrastructure of an organization, this service objectively quantifies the cyber security maturity and provides a cyber risk score. This enables the leadership team to visualize, track, and enhance their organization’s cyber risk posture.

Key features


Works directly to enhance the maturity of IT assets, prioritizing among the most critical assets, and most vulnerable technological verticals


Reports are generated over industry-standard templates for timely decision-making using accurate, updated information


Provides comprehensive coverage of 100% of the IT infrastructure of client organization

Complete and focused insights

Cyber risk quantification gives insights into the lifecycle of a gap, from detection to closure

Forensics and Malware Analysis

Analysis of malware activity is an important aspect of an organization's security strategy. This can be done in multiple ways. We support specific cases from initial assessment, identifying and collecting/extracting electronic evidence, keeping admissibility context in the court. We also provide expert testimony before the court, and litigation support where required.

Key features


Involves analysis of a suspicious file using automated tools. Designed to quickly assess what the sample might do if it ran on a system.

Static properties

Done by taking a close look to extract static properties in a suspicious file, header details, packer signatures, metadata and so on.

Interactive behavior

Run the malware in isolation, actively monitor its effects on the system and take a closer look at its overall behavior.


Reverse-engineering the sample can add valuable insights to the findings available after completing behavior analysis.

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