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Object Storage
Superscale Container Based Object Storage  


Designed specifically for very large file sizes (such as audio or video files), SimpliDrive is a highly redundant, massively scalable, widely distributed and secured object storage solution delivered over the internet using familiar web browsers. SimpliDrive allows you to upload, move or download any amount of data from your end point devices to secured containers.

SimpliDrive is architected using OpenStack Swift and is hosted inside Netmagic’s own Tier III data centers within India. It is a highly cost effective solution built using Enterprise Grade servers, storage and networking equipment, ensuring quality service, data durability and extremely high availability.

By using SimpliDrive, you can minimize the risk of cost overruns due to underutilization or ad-hoc purchases of expensive hardware in an emergency upgrade situation.


SimpliDrive Features

Core Features

SimpliDrive protects you from the risk of an increased per GB / TB cost in an underutilized environment and also from ad-hoc purchase of expensive hardware in an emergency upgrade situation.

  • Standard https protocol. Upload, download, copy, move, rename or delete objects sizing anything from 1 KB to 5 GB over the internet.
  • Unlimited objects that you can store
  • Data durability and availability as per SimpliDrive SLA.


Data and Capacity Management

Organizations have greater control using an embedded quota system. Each user within the organization is assigned either a private container or a public container. A private container is assigned to a single user whereas a public container is accessible by all the users within the account for collaboration.

Using SimpliDrive Management Console you can manage your contracted storage capacity and allocate / re-allocate storage to containers, and simplify capacity planning, monitoring and management.


Access Control

Access Control: RBAC (Role Based Access Control) or authentication mechanisms can be configured such as to ensure that data is kept secured from unauthorized access, as all objects reside inside SimpliDrive’s RBAC (Role Based Access Control) enabled containers. Netmagic SimpliDrive comes with:

  • 99.99999% data durability SLA; and
  • 99.99% service availability in a calendar month


Why SimpliDrive?

Massively Scalable

  • Unlimited access, storage, sharing, collaboration and customization.
  • Ability to upload, move or download any amount of data
  • Unlimited objects that you can store


  • SimpliDrive grid is protected by hardware firewalls
  • Full role based access control (RBAC) and authentication
  • Greater control using our container level Access Control Lists (ACL) – each user is assigned either a private container or a public container.
  • Time Bound URL expiry


  • 99.99999% data durability SLA
  • 99.99% service availability in a calendar month
  • Data durability and availability guaranteed by our SimpliDrive SLG
  • Distributed backend architecture to enhance availability
  • Auto-healing capabilities to enhance the durability of data on the object store

Management Capabilities

The  SimpliDrive Management Console can be used to:

  • Manage your contracted storage capacity
  • Allocate / re-allocate storage to containers
  • Mass delete your objects using SimpliDrive REST APIs

Cost Effective

  • Flexible pay-as-you-grow model allowing you to contract required amount of storage on monthly OPEX


Netmagic offers an extensive range of architecture, deployment and management services for public, private, hosted or virtual private cloud for different applications, as required.