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Expert Viewpoints, Case studies & Happenings


NTT Global Forum India 2014 - Part 4

Posted On : June 18,2014

Part 4 of the NTT Global Forum India 2014 presents a talk on NTT NeXT datacenter presented by Motoo Tanaka Head of Cloud Services.

Mr.Tanaka starts by speaking about the origin of the brand and what it means. He then launches into explaining the three parts of the core value proposition that a NeXT datacenter presents. He shows the global coverage that is spread across the world and how local and multinational business entities can access a NeXT datacenter.

Singapore, Hemel, Hong Kong and Tokyo datacenters are then highlighted and key features are explored. He then turns to Netmagic datacenters and the flexibility they offer.

The Bangalore datacenter is bought into focus and presents the future of the Enterprise Cloud (EC) driven by Software Defined Network. Last, he closes with some case-studies that outline the key benefits of EC such as the reduction in the size and number of servers that datacenter now need to maintain.

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