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Essential Netmagic Assets for Technical Managers

Choosing The Right Cloud Storage

Netmagic SimpliCloud offers a range of web-scale storage options on cloud for enterprises and developers. This page outlines the core characteristics of the entire storage offering on SimpliCloud and how they are different from each other. There are 3 types of storage options available on SimpliCloud:

  • NAS Storage (SimpliNAS)
  • SAN Storage (SimpliSAN)
  • Object storage (SimpliDrive)

The selection of right storage for you would depend upon factors like expected workloads which you intend to move to SimpliStor. Each storage option within SimpliStor varies in terms of performance, access and durability. This page also exemplifies some of the use cases based on which you can conclude whether a stand-alone storage would suffice or you need to combine the available storage options to create a more agile and comprehensive storage fabric for your virtual IT infrastructure on SimpliCloud.