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Remote Data Center Management (RDM)
Consistency, Availability, Performance  

Why Netmagic Remote Data Center Management?

Data Center Leadership

  • Focused on core competency of data center infrastructure support
  • Nimble organization with sound financial backing NTT
  • Access to senior leadership in Netmagic
  • Unparalleled reach though NTT affiliates globally

Strong IT Governance

  • Unified visibility, management and policy enforcement across disparate data centers and workloads
  • ITSM and monitoring tools for an integrated platform to ensure a seamless workflow across operations
  • Comprehensive suite of management dashboards and reporting capabilities
  • Flexibility to use customer owned tools, ensuring investment protection while outsourcing operations
  • Specialized team committed to meet security, compliance and technology requirements



  • End-to-end visibility of IT infrastructure from a security perspective
  • Implementation of client-defined security controls or best-fit security standards


  • Increased service levels and customer satisfaction through the use of automation technologies
  • Clearly defined process KPIs and SLAs for performance, availability and support
  • Use of statistical and analytical tools such as Fishbone, FMEA, etc.

Engineering & Product Innovation Expertise

  • Deep & wide talent pool that can address complex IT needs
  • Enabling customer's IT transformation best-in-class methodologies for infrastructure consolidation, process optimization, etc.
  • Sensitive to agile interactions between ITOps and DevOps